“DAILY HANDOUTS”- Evening Session

    “DAILY HANDOUTS”- Evening Session
    “DAILY HANDOUTS”- Evening Session:
    Dear Aspirants, “Practice makes a man perfect” is a most popular proverb. Practice means constant use of one’s intellectual and aesthetic powers. Perfect means ‘ideal’, complete and excellent’. Proper planning and practice promote perfect performance. Constant practice also sharpens talents.

    To give more practice to you, to make your practice hours more, to make us a part of your success, our team planned a new session of “Daily Handouts”.
    In this particular session we will give you questions with options and without explanations. You have to solve by your own and if there is any doubt arises while solving or unable to solve the questions or facing any sort of problems means you can comment bellow IBPS GUIDE Team will help you out to solve the problem.
    Thank you. Hope it will help you more in your success and one more thing you can comment the answers to help others also.
    Today’s Handouts:

    In this question relationship between different elements is shown in the statement. The statement is followed by two conclusions. Study the conclusions based on the given statement and select the appropriate answer.
    A. Only conclusion I follows
    B. Only conclusion II follows
    C. Either conclusion I or conclusion II follows
    D. Both conclusion I and conclusion II follow
    E. Neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows

    1.Statement: G> H< I ; I> F ; H> J
    Conclusion:I : J< G II : F< H(A)

    2.Statement: A> S> D; F< D;F> M
    Conclusion:I : S> M II : A< F(A)

    3.Statement: A> E> F ; G< F ; M> A
    Conclusion: I : M> E II: G< A(D)

    4.Statement: E ≥ F = G ; T ≥ G ; I = T
    Conclusion: I : I< E II : I = E(E)

    5.Statement: M> N> P; O> P; S< P
    Conclusion: I : S< M II : O< M(D)

    6.Statement: V> W< X ; X< Y ; Z> X
    Conclusion: I : Z> V II : Y> W(B)

    1. Parker covered first 35 km of the journey at 42 kmph. the next 16 km of the journey at 24 kmphand finally the remaining distance in 105 minutes, thereby averaging the speed 35 1/13 kmph for theentire journey. How much is the distance travelled (in km) in the last phase of the journey (in last 105minutes) ?
    A.  63
    B.  69
    C.  72
    D.  60
    E.  75

    2. The radius of the base of a cylindrical drum is 14 cm and its height is 25% less than the radius.If it is already 80% full, how many cubic centimeters of water need to be added to make it completelyfull ?
    A.  1152.6
    B.  996.2
    C.  1293.6
    D.  1312.4
    E.  1263.4

    3. Gaurav purchased an article from a shopkeeper who allowed a discount of 25% on the markedprice of the article but charged a sales tax of 15% on the discounted price. Gaurav sold the article toPoorav for Rs. 5,382 and thereby earned a profit of 30% on the cost price. What is the marked price of the article ?
    A.  Rs. 5400
    B.  Rs. 4400
    C.  Rs. 4900
    D.  Rs. 4800
    E.  Rs. 5200

    4. In a 80 litres of mixture of water and milk, water is only 30% The milkman gave 16 litres of this mixture to a customer and then he added 10.2 litres of pure milk and 5 8 litres of pure water in the remaining mixture What is the percentage of water in the final mixture ?
    A.  33.25
    B.  27.5
    C.  34.5
    D.  31.25
    E.  29.75

    5. A, B& C invested Rs.25,000, Rs.20,000 and Rs.30,000 respectively and started a business. After 4 months each one of them invested additional amounts of Rs.10,000, Rs.20,000 and Rs.15,000 respectively. If C’s share in the profit at the end of the year was Rs.60,000 what was the totalprofit earned at the end of one year ?
    A.  Rs. 1,65,000
    B.  Rs. 1,52,250
    C.  Rs. 1,55,200
    D.  Rs. 1,48,500

    E.  Rs. 1,57,500

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