“DAILY HANDOUTS”- Evening Session

    “DAILY HANDOUTS”- Evening Session
    “DAILY HANDOUTS”- Evening Session:
    Dear Aspirants, “Practice makes a man perfect” is a most popular proverb. Practice means constant use of one’s intellectual and aesthetic powers. Perfect means ‘ideal’, complete and excellent’. Proper planning and practice promote perfect performance. Constant practice also sharpens talents.

    To give more practice to you, to make your practice hours more, to make us a part of your success, our team planned a new session of “Daily Handouts”.
    In this particular session we will give you questions with options and without explanations. You have to solve by your own and if there is any doubt arises while solving or unable to solve the questions or facing any sort of problems means you can comment below IBPS GUIDE Team will help you out to solve the problem.
    Thank you. Hope it will help you more in your success and one more thing you can comment the answers to help others also.
    Today’s Handouts:
    1. A survey shows that the number of nuclear families with only one earning member has decreased considerably since the 90s.Which of the following is the most plausible reason behind the given finding of the survey?
    A.  There were very few job opportunities in the 90s as compared to today
    B.  Most families in the 90s were well-to-do and did not need any extra income
    C.  During the 90s it was important for at least one parent in the nuclear family to stay back and take care of the house and the children while that is not the case now
    D.  There are fewer nuclear families now as compared to the 90s
    E. The cost of living has increased drastically since the 90s and in order to maintain a certain standard of living it is required to have more than one earning member.

    Directions (2-3) Study the information to answer the given question:
    The international call rates are finally coming down. Initially the country’s network providers were against this idea, but, with the advent of Skype, Google hangouts, etc. the users have cut down on their international phone calls and have switched over to the internet.
    (A) Some of the leading network providers have brought down their international call tariffs to about Rs3/- per minute
    (B) Only about 10% of the country’s international callers use the internet as a substitute to phone calls.
    (C) Users now also have the option of video-chat through Skype as opposed to a simple voice call
    (D) The new international call rates will be at par with the amount spent by users on calls through Skype and Google hangouts
    (E) Network providers of other countries are coming up with cheap calling cards which can be used all over the world
    (F) Only those people who are internet savvy are able to use these alternatives.

    2. Which of the following will prompt the country’s network providers to keep the call rates as they are and not bring them down?
    A.  Both (A) and (E)
    B.  Only (E)
    C. Both (B) and (F)
    D.  Only(C)
    E.  Only (A)
    3. Which of the following may be the outcome of the given situation?
    A. Only (A)
    B.  Both (E) and (F)
    C.  Both (B) and (F)
    D.  Only (B)
    E.  Only (F)
    Directions (4-5) Six friends A, B, C, D, E and F earn a different amount. E earns more than C and D. B earns more than only two people. A earns less than only F. D does not earn the minimum. The one who earns second most earns Rs. 67,000 per month. The one who earns third lowest, earns Rs. 35,000 per month.

    4. Which of the following could be the possible salary of F ?
    A. Rs.70,000
    B.  Rs.49,000
    C.  Rs.67,000
    D.  Rs.34,000
    E.  Rs.25,000
    5. Rs. 45.000 could be the possible salary of who amongst the following ?
    A.  B
    B.  A
    C.  C
    D.  D
    E. E
    Directions (1-5) In this question two equations numbered I and II are given. You have to solve both the equations and indicate the appropriate answer
    1. I. 6×2 + 31x + 35 = 0
    II. 6y2 + 31y + 40 = 0
    A.  x< y
    B.  x ≥ y
    C.  x ≤ y
    D.  x> y
    E. relationship cannot be decided
    2. I. 4X2 + 21x + 27 = 0
    II. 3y2 + 17y + 20 = 0
    A.  x ≤ y
    B.  x ≥ y
    C.  x< y
    D.  x> y
    E. relationship cannot be decided
    3. I. 2×2 + 5x + 3 = 0
    II.4y2+ 14y + 12 = 0
    A.  x< y
    B.  x ≤ y
    C. x ≥ y
    D.  x> y
    E.  relationship cannot be decided
    4. I. 3X2 – 9x + 6 = 0
    II. 2y2 – 9y + 10 = 0
    A.  x> y
    B.  x ≥ y
    C. x ≤ y
    D.  x< y
    E.  relationship cannot be decided
    5. I. 2×2 + 29x + 99 = 0
    II. 3y2 + 17y + 24 = 0
    A.  x ≥ y
    B.  x> y
    C. x< y
    D.  x ≤ y
    E.  relationship cannot be decided

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