“DAILY HANDOUTS”- Morning Session

    “DAILY HANDOUTS”- Morning Session:
    Dear Aspirants, “Practice makes a man perfect” is a most popular proverb. Practice means constant use of one’s intellectual and aesthetic powers. Perfect means ‘ideal’, complete and excellent’. Proper planning and practice promote perfect performance. Constant practice also sharpens talents.

    To give more practice to you, to make your practice hours more, to make us a part of your success, our team planned a new session of “Daily Handouts”.
    In this particular session we will give you questions with options and without explanations. You have to solve by your own and if there is any doubt arises while solving or unable to solve the questions or facing any sort of problems means you can comment bellow IBPS GUIDE Team will help you out to solve the problem.
    Thank you. Hope it will help you more in your success and one more thing you can comment the answers to help others also.
    Today’s Handouts:
    1. Read the following information carefully and answer the given question
    In an attempt to woo buyers from small towns and villages, many FMCG companies have been selling their products in small sachets rather than full size packs without cutting down on the price per unit weight.

    Which of the following most appropriately represents the reason for such action taken by the FMCG companies?
    a)  Bigger packages being more durable and leak proof are easier to transport to small towns and villages where transport facilities are not well developed.
    b)  As the FMCG companies have failed to educate people from small towns and villages about their products they lack a market for these products completely in these areas
    c)  Smaller sachet packaging fails to generate as much revenue for the company as the biggerpackages as the cost for manufacturing small size sachets is much higher
    d) Owing to lower incomes and lower spending capacity in small towns and villages, the FMCGcompanies have been unable to sell bigger packages in these areas
    e)  As per a survey conducted in nearly 54 small towns and villages, price per unit weight of theproduct influenced the choice of the buyer more than the size of packaging.

    (2-5) Study the following information carefully and answer the given question:
    ‘P $ Q’ means P is the brother of Q
    ‘P # Q’ means P is the father of Q
    ‘P % Q’ means P is the husband of Q
    ‘P + Q’ means P is the mother of O
    ‘P& Q’ means P is the daughter of Q

    2. Which of the following expressions correctly conveys that B is the sister of H?
    a)  H + S % K + F $ B
    b) B& T % R + K $ H
    c)  H # S $ T& W& B
    d)  B + J& Y $ H& S
    e)  B& L # K& G # H

    3. How is J related to C according to the expression: J # T % N + P $ C ?
    a)  Grandmother
    b) Grandfather
    c)  Granddaughter
    d)  Grand son
    e)  Father

    4. Who among L, M, N, O and P is the sister of Z. if. ‘O # L # Z& K + M + N’ is definitely true?
    a)  P
    b) M
    c)  O
    d)  N
    e)  L

    5. Which of the following symbols will come in place of the question mark (?] in the given expression to make M is the uncle of S’ true?P + M $ H ? T + S
    a)  $
    b)  #
    c) Either % or $
    d)  Either& or +
    e)  %

    1. A passenger train from Delhi leaves for Kolkata at 12.00 hrs at an average speed of 65 km/hr. At 15.00 hrs a superfast train also leaves for Kolkata from Delhi at an average speed of 95 km/hr How far from Delhi (in kms.) will the superfast train overtake the passenger train?
    a)  675.2
    b) 617.5
    c)  650
    d)  715.5
    e)  770

    2. Two pipes independently can fill a tank in 18 hours and 27 hours respectively. However, due to leakage in the tank it takes 12 minutes more to fill the tank when both the pipes are open simultaneously. When the tank is full, in how much time will the leakage empty it ? (In hours)
    a) 492
    b)  594
    c)  572
    d)  618
    e)  644

    3. The average monthly income of A, B and C is Rs.26,200 and that of B C and D is Rs.24,100. If the monthly salary of D is 65∕86 times of A’s salary, what is the average monthly salary of B and C ?
    a)  Rs.26,200
    b)  Rs.27,200
    c)  Rs.25,800
    d) Rs.26,400
    e)  Rs.27,600

    4. 24 workers working 13 hours a day can build a wall of length 224 m breadth 16 m and height 52 m in 32 days. In now many days 36 workers working 18 hours a day can build a wall of length 432 m breadth 21 m and height 64 m ?
    a) 48
    b)  52
    c)  44
    d)  62
    e)  56

    5. A salesman gets a commission of X% on first Rs 3000/worth of sales and Y% on the remainder. When his sales were Rs 7000 his total commission was Rs.1100 and when his sales were Rs.1100 his total commission was Rs.1660. What is the value of ‘X’?
    a)  18
    b)  14
    c) 22
    d)  28
    e)  24

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