English Cloze Test New Pattern for SBI Clerk / IDBI Executive 2018 (Day-42)

Dear Readers, We all knew that SBI has introduced some new pattern in Cloze Test Questions in the Examinations, many of our followers were requesting us to provide Practice Questions based on the new pattern, for that here We have started providing Practice English Questions Based on New pattern. Kindly follow us regularly and make use of it, if you have any suggestion kindly use the comment section below.

English Cloze Test – SBI Clerk / IDBI Executive Exam New Pattern

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Direction (1-10): In a passage given below there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Even blank has four alternative words given in options (A), (B), (C) and(D). You have to tell which word will best suit to the respective blank. Mark (E) as your answer if the word given in the bold after the blank is your answer i.e   “No change requires”.

Current assets _(1)_[correspond]___cash and other assets that are expected to be converted to cash within a year. Current assets are listed on a company’s balance sheet, one of the primary financial statements that companies regularly publish. Current assets are used in the _(2)_[result]_of the current ratio, which measures assets against liabilities. The current ratio is considered to be one of the primary liquidity ratio metrics that investors and analysts use to evaluate the financial _(3)_[interest]__of a company. Current assets are not typically an extremely large percentage of a company’s total assets, but they are nonetheless critically important to a company’s financial solvency as they _(4)_[donate]__the necessary day-to-day operating capital.

If a company experiences a temporary _(5)_[remaining]_in cash on hand, it may solve the problem by converting some of its current assets such as marketable securities or certificates of deposit (CDs) into cash.

‘Cash on hand’ is the total amount of any accessible cash, or any available cash regardless of whether it is in your pocket or your bank account. Investments that you can convert to cash in 90 days or less are typically included when calculating your ‘Cash on hand’.

 Accounts Receivables are a very important part of current assets. Accounts Receivables refer to the outstanding invoices a company _(6)_[have]_or the money the company is owed from its clients. The phrase refers to accounts a business has a right to receive because it has _(7)_[recovered]_a product or service. Receivables essentially represent a line of credit extended by a company and due within a relatively short time period, ranging from a few days to a year.

Careful monitoring and management of Accounts receivables _(8)_[could]_necessary part of overall company management to ensure a company’s ongoing financial soundness. This is particularly true if a company has just a few regular customers that provide a major portion of its revenues and if those primary customers suddenly and unexpectedly become slow in paying invoices that can very quickly _(9)_[construct]_cash flow problems for a company. Company should be ready to face these possible interruptions or shortfalls in revenue by making sure to maintain _(10)_[light]_amounts of current assets that can quickly be converted into cash whenever necessary.



a) learn

b) adapt

c) incorporate

d) include

e) No change required


a) crafty

b) calculation

c) designing

d) scheming

e) No change required


a) expenditure

b) outlay

c) soundness

d) charge

e) No change required


a) handover

b) provide

c) deny

d) award

e) No change required


a) excess

b) leftover

c) shortfall

d) over

e) No change required


a) occupy

b) use

c) absorb

d) has

e) No change required


a) saved

b) delivered

c) liberated

d) captured

e) No change required


a) has

b) would

c) are

d) might

e) No change required


a) build

b) create

c) invent

d) design

e) No change required


a) thin

b) sufficient

c) skimpy

d) meager

e) No change required


1) Correct Answer is: d)

According to the sentence, “include” will be used as it means “take in / contain”.
2) Correct Answer is: b)

According to the sentence “calculation” will be used as it means “computation”.
3) Correct Answer is: c)

According to the sentence “soundness” will be used as it means “reliability”.
4) Correct Answer is: b)

According to the sentence “provide” will be used as it means “give”.
5) Correct Answer is: c)

According to the sentence “shortfall” will be used as it means “deficit”.
6) Correct Answer is: d)

As the subject is singular so “has” will be used as it means “possess / have something”.
7) Correct Answer is: b)

The meaning of “deliver” is “transport / send” and the sentence is in present prefect so third form of verb will be used that is “delivered”
8) Correct Answer is: c)

According to the sentence “are” will be used as the subject is plural.
9) Correct Answer is: b)

According to the sentence “create” will be used as it means “generate”.
10) Correct Answer is: b)

According to the sentence “sufficient” will be used as it means “adequate”.

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