English Cloze Test New Pattern for SBI Clerk / IDBI Executive 2018 (Day-50)

Dear Readers, We all knew that SBI has introduced some new pattern in Cloze Test Questions in the Examinations, many of our followers were requesting us to provide Practice Questions based on the new pattern, for that here We have started providing Practice English Questions Based on New pattern. Kindly follow us regularly and make use of it, if you have any suggestion kindly use the comment section below.

English Cloze Test – SBI Clerk / IDBI Executive Exam New Pattern

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Direction (1-10): In a passage given below there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Even blank has four alternative words given in options (a), (b), (c) and (d). You have to tell which word will best suit to the respective blank. Mark (e) as your answer if the word given in the bold after the blank is your answer i.e   “No change requires”.

A joint stock company is a voluntary _(1)_[settlement]__of persons formed for the purpose of some business for profit with common capital, divisible into transferable shares and possessing a corporate legal entity and a common seal. It is _(2)_[arranged]_by a process of law and can be put to an end only by a process of law. It _(3)_[would]__a legal person and is something different from its members. It is, therefore, capable of acting in its own name.

But as it _(4)_[should]__no physical existence, it must act through its agents and all the contracts entered into by its agents must be under the seal of the company. The members as such do not carry on the business of the company.

A group of persons who are individually called the directors and collectively form the Board of Directors are_(5)_[connected]_. The company acts through the Board of Directors or subordinates appointed by the Board.

Share capital of a company is divided into parts and each part is called a share. Every person who _(6)_[captures]_up a share or shares of a company _(7)_[builds]__its member and continues to be a member so long as he holds even a single share. He is called a shareholder and is a part-owner of the company. But a person can be both a shareholder and a creditor of the same company and at the same time.

Depending on the way they are formed, companies in India can be divided into two categories statutory companies and registered companies:

Statutory companies _(8)_[have]_the companies which are created by special acts of the Legislature. The Registered companies are the companies which are registered under the Companies Act, 1956. They are formed by fulfilling the legal formalities laid down in the Companies Act.

Certain documents have to be prepared and sent to Registrar of the Companies of the State in which the registered _(9)_[department]_of the company is to be situated along with the necessary fees. When the Registrar is satisfied that everything is in order and all the legal formalities have _(10)_[being]_complied with, he issues a Certificate of Incorporation which is really the birth certificate of the company.


a) deal

b) agreement

c) association

d) link

e) No change required


a) designed

b) crafted

c) produced

d) created

e) No change required


a) is

b) has

c) will

d) should

e) No change required


a) could

b) has

c) must

d) have

e) No change required


a) attached

b) joined

c) appointed

d) fixed

e) No change required


a) seizes

b) steals

c) robs

d) takes

e) No change required


a) composes

b) formulates

c) becomes

d) makes

e) No change required


a) can

b) are

c) should

d) has

e) No change required


a) unit

b) division

c) section

d) office

e) No change required


a) be

b) is

c) been

d) are

e) No change required


1)Correct Answer is: c)

According to the sentence “association” will be used as it means “organization”.

2) Correct Answer is: d)

The meaning of “create” is “to form / generate” and its third form is “created” so it will be used.

3) Correct Answer is: a)

According to the sentence “is” will be used as the subject is singular.

4) Correct Answer is: b)

According to the sentence “has” will be used as it means “hold /possess”.

5) Correct Answer is: c)

The meaning of “appoint” is “employ” and its third form is “appointed” so it will be used.

6) Correct Answer is: d)

According to the sentence “takes” will be used as the mean of “take” is  “acquire / get/ obtain”.

7) Correct Answer is: c)

According to the sentence “becomes” will be used as the meaning of “become” is “turn out to be”.

8) Correct Answer is: b)

According to the sentence “are” as the subject is plural.

9) Correct Answer is: d)

According to the sentence “office” will be used as it means “headquarter/ administrative center”.

10) Correct Answer is: c)

According to the sentence “been” will be used as we use third form of verb after “have”.

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