English Fill In The Blanks Questions for SBI Clerk/PO 2018 (Day-84)

Dear Readers, We all knew that SBI has introduced some new pattern in Fill In The Blanks Questions in the Examinations, many of our followers were requesting us to provide Practice Questions based on the new pattern, for that here We have started providing Practice English Questions Based on New pattern. Kindly follow us regularly and make use of it, if you have any suggestion kindly use the comment section below.

English Fill In The Blanks – SBI Clerk/PO Exam

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Direction (1-5): In each of the questions given below a sentence is given with two blanks. Below the sentence, Four options are given with various combinations of the words. You have to choose the combination with the correct set of words which can fit in the given sentence. If none of the options are correct, mark your answer as (e).

  1. However, the Sunjuwan attack _________ the vulnerabilities in perimeter security and the scant progress made in_________ the security protocol since the attack on the Pathankot Air Force station in January 2016.

a) Opens, reducing

b) Unveils, increasing

c) Reports, developing

d) Exposes, improving

e) None of the above

  1. However, at the governmental level, our fiscal decisions should be ________by a push towards developing an economy with full employment and innovation, instead of _________to chase down ratings quarter by quarter.

a) Marked, seeking

b) Noted, finding

c) Salient, quest

d) Prominent, scratch

e) None of the above

  1. Such arbitrary behaviour has _________to moves by Russia and China to set up their own ratings agency — S&P cut its rating on Russia to one notch above junk, in 2014, a few months after the annexation of Crimea, a change_________ by Russia as politically motivated.

a) Induced, release

b) Showed, reject

c) Escorted, discarded

d) Led, dismissed

e) None of the above

  1. One point of view is that even though Bangladesh & Kenya _________childhood stunting, they are dramatically different from countries such as India on a critical _________.

a) Notice, whole

b) Watch, number

c) Detect, toll

d) See, count

e) None of the above

  1. According to one Gujarat-based study, a majority of RSBY insured patients ended up ________ about 10% of their annual income during hospitalisation, because hospitals still _________ them, unsure as they were when they would be compensated.

a) Allocating, loaded

b) Putting in, owed

c) Dropping, debited

d) Spending, charged

e) None of the above


Direction (6-10): In the given passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. Against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

The legacy of ‘big brother’ (6) with Jawaharlal Nehru — Nepal’s statesman B.P. Koirala in his memoir has pinpointed the precise moment in 1950 during a meeting at Teen Murti Bhavan when he (7) that the fellow-revolutionary was now (8) as Prime Minister of India, inheriting the geopolitical inclinations of the departed colonialist. More recently, India became progressively interventionist as Nepal got (9) in internal crisis during and after the Maoist ‘people’s war’, and as the hill-plain polarisation (10) during the constitution-writing.


a) Dawned

b) Kicked off

c) Sourced

d) Started

e) Jumped off


a) Realised

b) Grasped

c) Knew

d) Understood

e) Got


a) Changed

b) Transformed

c) Altered

d) Reconstructed

e) Transposed


a) Tangle

b) Stacked

c) Trapped

d) Involved

e) Mired


a) Grew

b) Expanded

c) Widened

d) Amplified

e) Escalated


Direction (1-5):

1). Correct Answer is: d)

Correct options are exposes and improving. Exposes means to reveal.

2). Correct Answer is: a)

Marked means to point out and seeking means attempt to find something.

3). Correct Answer is: d)

Led means show the way to a destination by going in front. Dismissed means allowed to leave.

4). Correct Answer is: d)

See and count are the correct option.

5). Correct Answer is: d)

Spending and charged is the correct option according to the sentence.

Direction (6-10):

6). Correct Answer is: d)

Started means to begin

7). Correct Answer is: a)

Realized means to become fully aware

8). Correct Answer is: b)

Transformed means make a marked change in the form.

9). Correct Answer is: e)

Mired means to stuck in critical problem.

10). Correct Answer is: e)

Escalated means to initiated

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