English Phrasal Replacement with Detailed Explanation – IBPS, SSC Exam (Day-38)

English Phrasal Replacement with Detailed Explanation – IBPS, SSC Exams (Day-38):

Dear Readers, Here we have given Practice English Phrasal Replacement quiz and questions for IBPS SO, IBPS Clerk, SSC & other competitive exams with detailed explanation. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS SO/Clerk, SSC and other competitive exams can make use of it.

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English Phrasal Replacement with Detailed Explanation

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Directions (1-10): In each of the question given below a/an idiom/phrase is given in bold which is then followed by five options which then tries to decipher its meaning as used in the sentence. Choose the option which gives the meaning of the phrase most appropriately in context of the given sentence.

  1. Didyouhear that old Walt bought the farm?
  1. procured
  2. perished
  3. contrived
  4. mangled
  5. finagled
  1. We’ve been shooting the breeze for well over an hour now.
  1. working
  2. tiptoeing
  3. chatting
  4. travelling
  5. panicking
  1. Do you like my new shoes? I think they are the bee’s knees.
  1. excellent
  2. polished
  3. durable
  4. strapped
  5. rugged
  1. The European Union has made a dog’s dinner of its economic policy.
  1. triumph
  2. accomplish
  3. inept
  4. mess
  5. inelegant
  1. He said that he was a huge fan of the president, although I suspect it was a tongue in cheek.
  1. lie
  2. truth
  3. joke
  4. pretext
  5. myth
  1. He buffed his shoes up and went out for the evening.
  1. laced
  2. tied
  3. put
  4. garbed
  5. polished
  1. You can seek help from Mohit as he helps people who have been made redundant.
  1. bed-ridden
  2. homeless
  3. laid off
  4. sick
  5. stressed
  1. I hate homework, as homework is for the birds.
  1. tiring
  2. complex
  3. time-consuming
  4. meaningless
  5. tough
  1. Have a butchers at this for me.
  1. cook
  2. say
  3. argument
  4. spat
  5. look
  1. He was three sheets to the wind and didn’t pay attention to my warning.
  1. exhausted
  2. drunk
  3. busy
  4. sleeping
  5. working

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