English Sentence Rearrangement Questions

English Sentence Rearrangement Questions :

Dear Readers, Here we have given the Practice English Questions with explanation based on new pattern, candidates those who are preparing for upcoming examination can make use of it.

Direction (Q. 1-10): In each of the questions below, four sentences are given which are denoted by A), B), C) and D). By using all the four sentences you have to frame a meaningful paragraph. The correct order of the sentences is your answer. Choose from the five alternatives the one having the correct order of sentences and mark it as your answer.
1).A.However, organized attempts to promote foreign trade were made only after Independence, particularly with the onset of economic planning.
B.The origin of India’s foreign trade can be traced back to the age of the Indus Valley civilization.
C. During that period, India was a supplier of food stuffs and raw materials to England and an importer of manufactured goods.
D.But the growth of foreign trade gained momentum during the British rule.
a)  ABDC
b)  DACB
c)  CBAD
d)  BDCA
e)  ACDB
2).A. The United Nations was set up 70 years ago to save future generations from the scourge of war.
B.Preferably, assessments are best when undertaken by those who are not themselves camp followers and cheerleaders
C.While it has arguably succeeded in preventing another great war, its track record on peace and security has not always been stellar.
D.Assessments on the vitality, durability and success of diplomacy in any year — including 2015 — are best carried out away from high-decibel levels and cantankerous TV anchors.
a)  ADBC
b)  DABC
c)  BCAD
d)  BCDA
e)  ACDB
3).A. Under investment in libraries, information technology, laboratories, and classrooms make it very difficult to provide top quality instruction or engage in cutting-edge research.
B.The rises in the number of part-time teachers and freeze on new full time appointments in many places have affected morale in the academic profession.
C.At many of them, politics has introduced into campus life, influencing academic appointments and decisions across levels.
D.India’s colleges and universities, with just a few expectations, have become large, under unfounded, ungovernable institutions.
a)  ACBD
b)  DCAB
c)  CBAD
d)  BDCA
e)  CADB
4).A. Result: consumer goods companies, retail chains and banks which were having a free run, alluring and exploiting gullible customers will have to be more transparent and rationale while doing business.
B.The biggest move, of course, was the ban on zero per cent interest EMI’s (equated monthly installments).
C.The RBI recently put an end to several unfair practices in retail banking through a series of customer friendly circulars to commercial banks and credit card companies.
D.The RBI comes just weeks before the onset of the festival season, and much to the chagrin of retail players.
a)  CADB
b)  DACB
c)  ADBC
d)  BDCA
e)  ACDB
5).A. Just as implementation is the touchstone for planning, people’s participation is the centerpiece in rural development.
B.Rural development in India has witnessed several changes over the years in its emphasis, approaches, strategies and programmes.
C.Rural development can be richer and more meaningful only through the participation of clienteles of development.
D.It has assumed a new dimension and perspective as a consequence.
a)  ABDC
b)  DACB
c)  BDCA
d)  CABD
e)  ACDB
6).A. Ironically, as globalization and the Internet have in some sense erased geographic boundaries, xenophobic tendencies are only growing more pronounced in various pockets all around the world.
B.The tragic shooting at Orlando, and Brexit exemplify how intolerance and divisiveness are spreading their tentacles across either side of the Atlantic.
C.Recent events in the news suggest that the world is growing more insular and polarized.
D.Closer home, the racial attacks against Africans in Delhi suggest that India, despite its rich diversity and famed hospitality, also harbors deep prejudices.
a)  CBDA
b)  BCAD
c)  ADBC
d)  DACB
e)  ACBD
7). A. Most traditional organizations have accepted, in theory at least, that they must either change or die.
B.Even giants such as eBay, Amazon.com, and America Online recognize that they need to manage the changes associated with rapid entrepreneurial growth.
C.Despite some individual successes, however, change remains difficult to pull off, and few companies manage the process as well as they would like.
D.The new economy has ushered in great business opportunities-and great turmoil.
a)  ABDC
b)  DACB
c)  BDCA
d)  CABD
e)  DABC
8). A.Buying a house is the single largest financial investment an individual makes.
B. Occasionally, deviant promoters are called to account as was the case in the detention of Unitech’s promoters.
C.Yet, in India this act is fraught with risk and individuals depend on weak laws for justice.
D.This incident shows up the fallout of an absence of proper regulation to cover contracts between buyers and real estate promoters.
a)  DABC
b)  BDCA
c)  CADB
d)  ACBD
e)  BADC
9). A.The top managements of the four banks are in the process of preparing a blueprint that would explain the rationale for absorbing one or two entities, said the people cited above, none of whom wanted to be named.
B.India’s banking sector may be getting ready for a wave of consolidation as the country tries to build institutions of world class proportions.
C.Four big state run banks – State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda and Bank of India – have already begun on exercise to identify takeover targets to gain access to franchises that would augment their capabilities, said three top bankers familiar with the move.
D.Employees at these state run banks are engaged in the exercise after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley gave the lenders the go-ahead to decide how they would strategiese to remain relevant in the emerging economic scenario.
a)  ADCB
b)  CABD
c)  BCAD
d)  DCBA
e)  CDBA
10). A.This may hold true although the separation line between goods and services has become quite blurred reflecting the growing service content of manufacturing and a certain tendency towards the industrialisation of parts of the service sector.
B.Nevertheless, empirical research on FDI is still concentrated on manufacturing.
C.The long-term trend of an increasing share of service sector FDI has accelerated over the last twenty years.
D.As the basic characteristics of services and goods differ – the main specifics of services are intangibility, inseparability of production and consumption, heterogeneity, perishability and restricted ownership one would expect that the determinants of internationalisation are not the same in the two sectors.
a)  DBCA
b)  CBDA
c)  BDAC
d)  ABDC
e)  ADCB
1)d  2)e  3)b   4) a  5) c   6) a   7) e   8) d   9) c   10) b

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