English Questions (Cloze Test) for AAO and Upcoming Exams 2016

English Questions (Cloze Test) for AAO and Upcoming  Exams 2016
English Questions (Cloze Test) for Upcoming AAO Exams 2016 Set-25:
Dear Readers, Important Practice English Questions for Upcoming AAO Exams was given here. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

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Directions (Q. 1-10): In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. For each blank five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Money gives us a(1) of freedom and ownership. We(2) that with money, we can own anything or put a price tag on anybody’s services.
Ownership of something means total(3) of its existence. When we buy a piece of land, we feel that we own it,(4)the land continues to exist even after the owner is no(5). How can we own something that(6) us?
Money also gives the idea that we are powerful and independent,(7) us to the fact that we live in a world of interdependence. If we look at why most people with money are(8), we will find it is because of the(9) of independence that money brings. The(10) of dependence, on the other hand, makes one humble.

a)  Sense
b)  Taste
c)  Feel
d)  Touch
e)  Smell

a)  Postulate
b)  Suppose
c)  Believe
d)  Admit
e)  Regard

a)  Charge
b)  Discipline
c)  Restriction
d)  Authority
e)  Control

a)  Despite
b)  Although
c)  albeit
d)  When
e)  Still

a)  Further
b)  Where
c)  More
d)  Less
e)  One

a)  Outlives
b)  Cease
c)  Outcasts
d)  Survive
e)  Endures

a)  Blazing
b)  Glowing
c)  concealing
d)  Blinding
e)  Shining

a)  Autocratic
b)  Superior
c)  Smart
d)  Arrogant
e)  Bossy

a)  Activity
b)  Reflex
c)  Feeling
d)  Pain
e)  Sense

a)  Recognition
b)  Ignorance
c)  Disregard
d)  Neglect
e)  Awareness

1) a)  2) c)  3) e)  4) b)  5) c)  6) a)  7) d)  8) d)  9) c)  10) e)

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