English Questions (Cloze test) for Clerical Mains

English Questions (Cloze test) for Clerical Mains
English Questions (Cloze test) for Clerical Mains:
Dear Readers, Important Practice English Questions for Upcoming IBPS Clerk V Mains Exam was given here. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

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Directions (Q. 1-10): In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. For each blank five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

The bargaining power of the union(1)from the dependence of the business on the given unit, from where the union(2). And its strength(3) in the unity and the confidence the leadership(4) of his constituents. The union is strong when its members (5) united and the leadership is(6) and the leaders get the(7) to say yes. And it will be on a strong(8) when the dependence on the unit is high. On the other hand, management will be able to operate from a(9) of strength and it will have the ability to take a(10) stand and say no when its dependence on that unit is low.

a)   Completes
b)   Stems
c)   Ceases
d)   Recedes
e)   Result
a)   Moves
b)   Accomplishes
c)   Keeps
d)   Operates
e)   Conducts

a)   Grows
b)   Comprises
c)   Lies
d)   Consists
e)   Persists

a)   Enjoys 
b)   Appreciate
c)   Digs
d)   Hates 
e)   Needs

a)   Abide
b)   Sound
c)   Pose
d)   View
e)   Stand

a)   Led
b)   Framed
c)   Maintained
d)   Unopposed
e)   Challenged

a)   Temerity
b)   Ability
c)   Capacity
d)   Ignorance
e)   Limitation

a)   Group
b)   Top
c)   Settlement
d)   Seating
e)   footing

a)   Space
b)   Stand
c)   Position
d)   Spot
e)   Tract

a)   Firm
b)   Facile
c)   Loose
d)   Set
e)   Supple
1). b) 2). d) 3). c) 4). a) 5). e) 6). d) 7). b) 8). e) 9). c) 10). a)

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