English Questions (Error Spotting) for Upcoming AAO Exams 2016

English Questions (Error Spotting) for Upcoming AAO Exams 2016
English Questions (Error Spotting) for Upcoming AAO Exams 2016 Set-41:
Dear Readers, Important Practice English Questions for Upcoming AAO Exams was given here. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

Directions (Q. 1-5): Read each sentence given below and find out whether there is an error in it the error if any will be one of the parts of the sentence which are marked as (a), (b), (c) and (d) if there is no error the answer will be (e) i.e no error. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any)

1).The audience for crossword (a) / and Sudoku understandably (b) / overlap greatly but (c) there are differences, too (d) / no error (e)

2).The balance of power (a) / will shifting (b) / to the east as (c) / china and India evolve (d) / no error (e)

3).All I do (a) / was report on (b) / how consumers react (c) / to different stimuli (d) / no error (e)

4). We should not be hopeless (a) / addicted to an erroneous belief (b) / that corruption in India is (c) caused by the crookedness of Indians (d) no error (e)

5).The in reasonable man (a) / is the sort of person (b) / who comes to confide (c) / in you when are busy (d) / no error (e)

6).India and Pakistan reviewed (a) / the confidence building measuring (b) / during the first (c) phase of two-day talks (d) no error (e)

7).It is not necessary (a) to allow a regular (b) / university course to (c) / realize one genius (d) / no error (e).

8).Mathematical have (a) / a tremendous influence (b) / on every kind (c) / of human endeavour (d) / no error (e).

9).Children aged between 10 (a) / or 18 years are spending an (b) / average of six to seven hours a day (c) / using some kind of electronic device in big cities (d) no error (e)

10).They have (a) / been able to (b) / keep down (c) / congestion on roads (d) / no error (e)

1).e)  2).b)  3).b)  4).a)  5).e) 6).b)  7).d)  8).a)  9).b) 10).e) 

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