English Questions (Fill in the blanks) for Upcoming AAO Exams 2016

    English Questions (Fill in the blanks) for Upcoming AAO Exams 2016
    English Questions (Fill in the blanks) for Upcoming AAO Exams 2016 Set-27:
    Dear Readers, Important Practice English Questions for Upcoming AAO Exams was given here. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    Directions (Q. 1-10): The following sentences have two blanks. Each blank indicates that something has been omitted. Choose the words that best fit the meaning of a sentence as a whole.

    1).After a ___ review, it was found that many financial institutions don’t have proper ___ in place and could unwillingly be financing illegal activities.
    a)  routine; checks
    b)  periodic; space
    c)  schedule; standard
    d)  custom; timing
    e)  suddenly; system

    2).The main reason youth unemployment has _______ in this region is the depth of the recession in these countries and the chance kick-start their conomies
    a)  fallen; negligible
    b)  risen; visible
    c)  grown; create
    d)  soared; remote
    e)  collapsed; much

    3).As the country as a whole more than half the population _______ regular electricity as connections to the national god are ________ and generators are expensive
    a)  deficient; dependable
    b)  want; running
    c)  lack; unenviable
    d)  short; faded
    e)  requiring; fumy

    4).It is _______ that 400 Indian passengers will want to fly in or out of the country by the 2050 and unless the airport facility is improved it will be _______ to handles this traffic
    a)  though; easier
    b)  assume; worrisome
    c)  estimated; difficult
    d)  typical; perfect
    e)  expected; able

    5).Reform is set to gain _______ as much of the spadework for a vibrant economy such as _______ laws on taxes and banking are underway.
    a)  steam; specializing
    b)  advantage; fix
    c)  pace; amending
    d)  tame; modify
    e)  weight; compensating

    6).The organization ________ to popularize Indian classical music among the youth which has lost _______ with its cultural roots.
    a)  endeavours, touch
    b)  wishes, interest
    c)  efforts, experience
    d)  exerts, intrigue
    e)  need, relation

    7).One of the major critics of the examination system is that it _______ to a sprit of ______ competition among the students.
    a)  result, defective
    b)  accompanies, adequate
    c)  develops, intense
    d)  takes, severe
    e)  leads, unhealthy

    8).Auroras are natural light displays in the sky, usually _______ at night, ________ in the polar regions
    a)  watch, upward
    b)  noticed, peculiar
    c)  observed, only
    d)  found, most
    e)  follows, mainly

    9). After the board examinations students are _______ up for the various entrance examinations _______ for next month.
    a)  ready, timed
    b)  gearing, scheduled
    c)  prepared, programmed
    d)  set, duration
    e)  geared, kept

    10).Thegovernmental _____ spurred dramatic improvements in the way waste management is ______ out in many hospitals.
    a)  rule, thrown
    b)  plans, conduct
    c)  crusade, done
    d)  efforts, carried
    e)  venture, disposed

    1) a)  2) d)  3) b)  4) c)  5) c)  6) a)  7) e)  8) c) 9) b) 10) d)

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