English Sentence Correction New Pattern for SBI Clerk / IDBI Executive 2018 (Day-54)

Dear Readers, We all knew that SBI has introduced some new pattern in Sentence Correction Questions in the Examinations, many of our followers were requesting us to provide Practice Questions based on the new pattern, for that here We have started providing Practice English Questions Based on New pattern. Kindly follow us regularly and make use of it, if you have any suggestion kindly use the comment section below.

English Sentence Correction – SBI Clerk / IDBI Executive Exam New Pattern

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Directions (Q1-10): Below is a given passage. Some sentences begin with a number (corresponding to the question number) and some words are highlighted in bold. One of the highlighted words is grammatically incorrect. Choose the word from the option as your answer. If all the highlighted words are correct, mark ‘All correct’ as your answer

1. The income tax department wants more information from you to your finances and business. The new income-tax return forms released by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) for filing returns for the financial year 2017-18 have several new columns. 2.By collecting more specific information from taxpayers, from seeking details about allowances of salaried persons not exempt from tax to matching direct and indirect tax numbers of businesspersons, the income tax department aim to check tax evasion.
3. The new Sahaj form wants you to disclose specific details about your salary. It seeks an assessee’s salary details in separate fields and in a breakup format such as allowances that are not exempt, value of perquisites, profit in lieu of salary and deductions claimed under section 16. Though these details are provided in the Form 16 of a salaried employee, now they have to be mention in the tax return for clarity of deductions. 4. The new Sahaj form also seeks details about income from property. Instead of the simple (ITR)-1 form, non-resident Indians (NRIs) will have to file returns use the ITR-2 which seeks more information. NRIs will also have to provide details of one foreign bank account for refunds. 5.Certain types of taxpayers are now required to mention registration number of the firm of chartered accountant which has done audit for the tax return. Businesses will have to disclosed income from property.


a) more

b) to

c) released

d) have

e) No correction required


a) specific

b) about

c) exempt

d) aim

e) No correction required


a) wants

b) in

c) are

d) mention

e) No correction required


a) details

b) use

c) seeks

d) provide

e) No correction required


a) are

b) mention

c) done

d) disclosed

e) No correction required


6.The Foreign exchange reserves of India are India’s holdings of cash, bank deposits, bonds, and other financial assets denominated in currencies other than India’s national currency, the Indian rupee. The reserves are managed by the Reserve Bank of India to the Indian government and the main component is foreign currency assets.7.Foreign exchange reserves act as the first line of defense for India in case of economic slowdown, but acquisition of reserve has its own costs. Foreign exchange reserves facilitates external trade and payment and promote orderly development and maintenance of foreign exchange market in India.8. The country’s foreign exchange reserves hit a life-time high of $424.361 billion after rising by $1.828 billion in the week to March 30, helped by rise in foreign currency assets, the Reserve Bank said today. In the previous week, the reserves had increased by $1.197 billion for $422.532 billion.
9. Previously, the reserves had touched a record high of $421.914 billion on February 9. It had cross the $400-billion mark for the first time in the week to September 8, 2017, but has since been fluctuating.
In the reporting week, the foreign currency assets, a major component of the overall reserves, rose by $1.823 billion to $399.118 billion. 10.Expressed in the US dollar terms, the foreign currency assets include the effect of appreciation or depreciation of the non-US currencies such as the euro, the pound and the yen held in the reserves. Gold reserves remained unchanged at $21.614 billion, the central bank said. The special drawing rights with the International Monetary Fund rise by $2.1 million to $1.544 billion.

a) are

b) managed

c) to

d) is

e) No correction required


a) act

b) acquisition

c) facilitates

d) orderly

e) No correction required


a) hit

b) rising

c) helped

d) for

e) No correction required


a) touched

b) cross

c) been

d) rose

e) No correction required


a) include

b) held

c) unchanged

d) rise

e) No correction required


Directions (Q1-10):

  1. Correct Answer is: b)

Replace ‘to’ with ‘about’

  1. Correct Answer is: d)

Replace ‘aim’ with ‘aims’

  1. Correct Answer is: d)

Replace ‘mention’ with ‘mentioned’

  1. Correct Answer is: b)

Replace ‘use’ with ‘using’

  1. Correct Answer is: d)

Replace ‘disclosed’ with ‘disclose’

  1. Correct Answer is: c)

Replace ‘to’ with ‘for’

  1. Correct Answer is: c)

Replace ‘facilitates’ with ‘facilitate’

  1. Correct Answer is: d)

Replace ‘for’ with ‘to’

  1. Correct Answer is: b)

Replace ‘cross’ with ‘crossed’

  1. Correct Answer is: d)

Replace ‘rise’ with ‘rose’

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