NIACL AO English Questions (Error Spotting) Day-20

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NIACL AO Mains English Questions Day-20

maximum of 10 points
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Direction (1-10)-In the question below, a sentence is given divided into four parts, out of which one may contain a grammatical error. From the options, choose the one that contains the error. In case the sentence is correct as it is, choose ‘No error’ as your answer.


a) A discussion paper on proposed guidelines for compensation of

b) whole time directors/chief executive officers/material risk takers

c) and control function staff issued by the central bank also said

d) ESOPs shall be included as a component of variable pay

e) No error


a) The ruling by the bankruptcy court, who is overseeing the government

b) sponsored $12.8 billion insolvency of the infrastructure financier-operator,

c) undermines the Reserve Bank of India’s powers to make banks and nonbank

d) finance firms present a truthful account of their financial position at all times.

e) No error


a) The National Company Law Appellate Tribunal ordered

b) that no lender can declare its exposure to embattle

c) IL&FS Group as nonperforming without its

d) permission even if there is a default.

e) No error


a) An appeals bench dealing with bankruptcies said that exposure to

b) IL&FS can’t be treated as a non-performing loan since the court itself

c) declared such debt as bad, giving relief to high-street banks funds

d) that had advanced cash to the stressed infrastructure financier

e) no error


a) There is a need to be balance-sheet efficient also

b) Indian NBFCs will have to diversify borrowings

c) and bring off funds from newer sources, at the

d) same time, assets will have to be diversified.

e) no error


a) Indian Banks’ Association has expressed willingness to expand

b) the scope of bipartite wage talk up to Scale V officers in public

c) sector banks while suggesting bank-wise and performance-linked

d) reward structure for deputy general managers and general managers

e) no error


a) Amazon is in talks to buy a stake in Future Coupons to

b) ensure that the global Web retailer is in compliance on

c) the amended foreign ownership rules that bar ecommerce companies

d) from holding shares in entities selling on their platform

e) no error


a) Revised ownership norms have made it difficult for

b) Amazon to strengthen the relationship between its India

c) marketplace,, and retailers where it had stakes

d) and which were used as sellers on its platform.

e) No error


a) The stunning opinion of the International Court of Justice

b) in Hague, that Britain’s continued administration of

c) the Chagos archipelago is unlawful, is a landmark in the

d) effort to decolonise the Indian Ocean and return the islands to Mauritius

e) no error


a) Britain should show it respects the court’s view and Mauritius’s

b) sovereignty, and make significant concessions, starting with matters

c) range from fishing rights to compensation for the

d) Chagossians, who have suffered through all of this

e) No error


Directions (1-10):

1) Answer: d)

 In part d in place of shall it should be should

2) Answer: a)

 In part a in place of who it should be which

 3) Answer: b)

 In part b in place of embattle it should be embattled

4) Answer: b)

 In part b in place of since it should be until

5) Answer: c)

In part c in place of off it should be in (bring in means to earn or yield a particular amount of money)

6) Answer: b)

In part b in place of talk it should be talks

7) Answer: b)

In part b in place of on it should be with

8) Answer: e)

No error

9) Answer: b)

In part b there should be the before Hague

10) Answer: c)

In part c in place of range it should be ranging

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