English Vocabulary- List of Most Confusing Words and its Meanings Set-3

English Vocabulary- List of Most Confusing Words and its Meanings
English Vocabulary- List of Most Confusing Words and its Meanings Set-3:
The List of English Words that was often confused in the examination was given here, candidates those who are preparing for the Bank exams and all other competitive exams can use this.

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           Example: The issue was discussed in thecouncil.       
            Example: He did not listen to mycounsel.

            Example: Shedecried my success.         
   Descry-see dimly
            Example: Wedescried a ship far away.

3.Draft-Sketch of work
            Example: Look at thisdraft.
    Draught-Current of air
            Example: The candle was put out by thedraught.
            Example: They little to eat during thedrought.

4.Economic– Related to economy
            Example: This is oureconomic policy.
           Example: His mother is aneconomicalwoman.

5.Eminent– Notable
            Example: He is aneminent writer.
   Imminent-About to happen soon
            Example: War isimminent between the two countries.

6.Forgo– Go without
            Example: We had toforgo lunch.
   Forego– Go before
            Example: Please see theforegoing example.

7.Fetch– Go and bring
            Example: Could youfetch me an umbrella.
    Bring– come with
            Example:Bring your note book.

            Example: It was a historic achievement.
   Historical-Related to history
            Example: We visited thehistorical place.

9.Human– of mankind
            Example: We are allhuman beings.
            Example: We should behumane.

10.Hanged-Killed by hanging
            Example: The murderer washanged at dawn.
     Hung– Past tense of ‘hang’
            Example: Hehung his coat on the peg.
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