English Vocabulary- List of Most Confusing Words and its Meanings Set-4

    English Vocabulary- List of Most Confusing Words and its Meanings Set-4
    English Vocabulary- List of Most Confusing Words and its Meanings Set-4:
    The List of English Words that was often confused in the examination was given here, candidates those who are preparing for the Bank exams and all other competitive exams can use this.

    1.) Ideal(perfect)
    Example- Joe and Mary areidealcouple.
    Example- Don’t beidle: do something.
    Example- Look at theidol in the temple.

    2.) Imaginary(false)
    Example- The court dismissed the case asimaginary.
    Example- He is a young,imaginative writer.

    3.) Innocent(blameless)
    Example-It is good to beinnocent like a child.
    Ignorant(not knowing)
    Example- you must not beignorant of the law.

    4.) Industrial(of industries)
    Example- Salem is an­industrialcity
    Example- He is anindustriousyouth.

    5.) Judicial(of court)
    Example- We wants for ajudicialreport.
    Example- That is ajudicious decision.

    6.) Luxuriant(profuse)
    Example- The park hasluxuriant growth of grass.
    Luxurious(fond of luxury)
    Example-she leads aluxurious decision.

    7.) Momentary(brief)
    Example- I saw her face in themomentary flash.
    Example- It was amomentous occasion.

    8.) Notorious(well- known unfavorably)
    Example- Thenotoriousthief was arrested.
    Example- Afamouslawyer took up the case.

    9.) Pupil(one who studies in a school)
    Example- The teacher is kind to hispupils.
    People(human beings)
    Example- All thepeoplehonour him.

    10.)Persecute(subject to ill-treatment)
    Example- The freedom fighter waspersecuted by the foreign rulers.
    Example- I mustprosecutemy studies in Chennai.

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