English Vocabulary (Meaning-Usage) Reference- “The Hindu”

    English Vocabulary (Meaning-Usage) Reference- “The Hindu”
    English Vocabulary (Meaning-Usage) Reference- “The Hindu”:
    Dear Readers, list of important English Vocabulary words, and its meaning with example sentence were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this.


    Meaning: Cause or allow (liquid) to flow over the edge of its container, especially unintentionally
    Usage:You’llspill that tea if you’re not careful.


    Meaning:Filled or well-supplied with something
    Usage:sensational popular fiction,replete with adultery and sudden death.


    Property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance
    Usage: They had stolen his grandfather’sheritage.


    Meaning: An amount of gas or vapour that smells strongly or is dangerous to inhale
    Usage:clouds of exhaustfumes spewed by cars”.


    Meaning: Having, revealing, or involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture
    Usage:   A chic, sophisticated man.


    Meaning:(Of a plant) put out shoots
    Usage: The weeds begin tosprout.


    Meaning:   Be engaged in a prolonged and bitter quarrel or dispute
    Usage: Hooverfeudedwith the CIA for decades.


    Meaning: A stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded
    Usage: He came back to rescue his littlehoard of gold.
    Meaning: Acting or done quickly and without thought or care
    Usage: She might live to rue thisimpetuous decision.


    Meaning:   A great victory or achievement
    Usage: A garden built to celebrate Napoleon’s manytriumphs.

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