English Vocabulary Set-10 (with meaning and example)

    English Vocabulary Set-10 (with meaning and example)
    English Vocabulary Set-10 (with meaning and example):
    Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

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    Meaning – behavior that shows that you respect someone and are willing to accept their opinion.
    Example – Indeferenceto the wishes of the former President, the venue of the function was shifted.
    a.   Respect
    b.   Delay
    c.   Hatred
    d.   Deep study

    Meaning – extremely pleasant to taste, smell, etc
    Example – We were treated to adelectable lunch
    a.   Delaying
    b.   Harmful
    c.   Extreme pleasant
    d.   Beneficial

    Meaning – the way someone behave or looks
    Example – Hisdemeanorshowed contempt for everyone.
    a.   Arrival
    b.   Departure
    c.   Savior
    d.   Behavior

    Meaning – say something or someone is not good or important.
    Example – There are still men whodenigrate the status of women.
    a.   Less importance
    b.   Kill
    c.   Belittle
    d.   Sever

    Meaning – strongly disapprove or criticize
    Example – The Vice-Chancellordeprecated the growing indiscipline among students
    a.   Dismiss
    b.   Diminish
    c.   Disapprove
    d.   Devalue

    Meaning- strong, uncontrollable desire for alcoholic drinks
    Example – His life was ruined bydipsomania.
    a.   Alcoholism
    b.   Ill health
    c.   Insomnia
    d.   Degeneration

    Meaning – a slow, sad song sung at a funeral
    Example –Dirges from the violin filled the church hall.
    a.   Strong desire
    b.   Funeral song
    c.   Heavy loss
    d.   Pop music

    Meaning – make something swell because of pressure from inside
    Example – He felt uncomfortable with adistended stomach.
    a.   Cheat
    b.   Swell
    c.   Leave out
    d.   Disperse

    Meaning – a respected and impressive old lady
    Example – The young man made friends with adowager.
    a.   Rich man
    b.   Merchant
    c.   Unmarried woman
    d.   Respected old woman

    Meaning – deceive someone
    Example – The bogus companydupedhim by taking money for a job there.
    a.   Deceive
    b.   Imitate
    c.   Help
    d.   Find

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