English Vocabulary Set-15 (with meaning and example)

    SBI PO Exam- English Vocabulary Set-15
    English Vocabulary Set-15 (with meaning and example):
    Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

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    1.) Disabuse:
    Meaning – persuade someone that what they believe is untrue
    Example – I could notdisabusehim of his wrong notions.
    a.   Change others ideas
    b.   Change others behavior
    c.   Change others attitude
    d.   Change others style

    2.) Discern:
    Meaning – see, notice or understand something after looking at it
    Example – We coulddiscerna contemptuous smile on his face.
    a.   Ignore
    b.   Control
    c.   Notice
    d.   Improve

    3.) Discomfiture:
    Meaning – uncomfortable, annoyed or embarrassed feeling
    Example – Seema’sdiscomfiturein the circumstances smile on his face.
    a.   Comfortable
    b.   Uncomfortable
    c.   Feel happy
    d.   Good position

    4.) Discordant:
    Meaning – strange and unsuitable in relation to everything around.
    Example – The colorful dress struck adiscordant note on the old woman.
    a.   Suitable
    b.   Unsuitable
    c.   Elegant
    d.   Perfect

    5.) Discredit:
    Meaning – make people stop respecting or trusting someone or something.
    Example – His remarks were quoted out of context todiscredit him.
    a.   Believe
    b.   Hesitate
    c.   Respect
    d.   Disrespect

    6.) Elicit:
    Meaning – succeed in getting information
    Example – The investigators are trying toelicit more information from the arrested person.
    a.   Succeed
    b.   Failure
    c.   Disable
    d.   Able

    7.) Emancipate:
    Meaning – make someone free from social, political or arrested person.
    Example – Education willemancipatethe deprived people.
    a.   Avoid
    b.   Free
    c.   Stress
    d.   Envy

    8.) Embargo:
    Meaning – stop trade with a country by an official order
    Example – The USembargoedthe terrorist states.
    a.   Providing
    b.   Accepting
    c.   Trading
    d.   Stop trading

    9.) Embellish:
    Meaning – stop trade with a country by an official order.
    Example – The report wasembellishedwith anecdotes.
    a.   Essay
    b.   Sonnet
    c.   Story
    d.   Poem

    10.) Embezzle:
    Meaning – steal money from the place where you work
    Example – The cashierembezzledseveral lakhs of rupees from the bank.
    a.   Spend
    b.   Steal
    c.   Collect
    d.   Enlarge

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