English Vocabulary Set-16 (with meaning and example)

    SBI PO Exam- English Vocabulary Set-16
    English Vocabulary Set-16 (with meaning and example):
    Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

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    1.) Disparate:
    Meaning – very different
    Example – The new leader tried to bring together all thedisparateelements in the party
    a.   Normal
    b.   Criticize
    c.   Different
    d.   None of these

    2.) Dissemble:
    Meaning – hide true feelings, ideas, etc
    Example – He gave a long speech, butdissembled on vital issues
    a.   Hide ones feelings
    b.   Hide ones thinking
    c.   Hide ones interest
    d.   Hide ones expectation

    3.) Disseminate:
    Meaning – Spread information, ideas, etc
    Example – The task of the new office is todisseminate information on AIDS.
    a.   Spread Christianity
    b.   Spread rumor
    c.   Spread information
    d.   None of these

    4.) Dissolution:
    Meaning – the act of formally ending something
    Example – The President ordered thedissolution of Parliament.
    a.   Middle
    b.   Ending
    c.   Beginning
    d.   None of these

    5.) Distill:
    Meaning – make a liquid purer by heating and then cooling it
    Example – The plantdistillsea water.
    a.   Boiling
    b.   Heating
    c.   Evaporating
    d.   None of these

    6.) Ensconce:
    Meaning – be in a comfortable and safe place
    Example – She wasensconcedin a comfortable chair in air-conditioned room.
    a.   Comfortable
    b.   Uncomfortable
    c.   Critical stage
    d.   Abnormal

    7.) Ephemeral:
    Meaning – popular or important for only a short time
    Example – The young man’s glory turned out to beephemeral.
    a.   Popular for long time
    b.   Popular for Short time
    c.   Unpopular
    d.   None of these

    8.) Epicurean:
    Meaning – gaining pleasure mainly from good food and drink
    Example – The scion of the business family is leading anepicurean life.
    a.   Pleasure from food
    b.   Pleasure from money
    c.   Pleasure from unwanted things
    d.   None of these

    9.) Equanimity:
    Meaning – calmness, especially in the way you react to things
    Example – She received the news of her husband’s death withequanimity.
    a.   Symmetry
    b.   Similarity
    c.   Calmness
    d.   Difficult

    10.) Equivocal:
    Meaning – having more than one meaning, deliberately unclear
    Example – Politicians are known forequivocalstatements.
    a.   Similar meaning
    b.   Multiple meaning
    c.   Single meaning
    d.   None of these

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