English Vocabulary Set-18 (with meaning and example)

    SBI PO Exam- English Vocabulary
    English Vocabulary Set-18 (with meaning and example):
    Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

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    1.) Etymology:
    Meaning – study of the origin, history and changing meaning of words.
    Example – Many English words have interestingetymology
    a.   Changing meaning of passage
    b.   Changing meaning of sentence
    c.   Changing meaning of words
    d.   None of these

    2.) Eulogy:
    Meaning – a speech or piece of writing praising somebody.
    Example – Several magazines publishedeulogy of the new book.
    a.   Long speech
    b.   Anger
    c.   Praise
    d.   Patience

    3.) Euphemism:
    Meaning – a polite word or expression used instead of a more direct one
    Example – pass away iseuphemismfor die.
    a.   Feeling bad
    b.   Feeling happy
    c.   Polite words
    d.   Harsh words

    4.) Euthanasia:
    Meaning – painless killing of people who are very ill or very old, to stop them from suffering
    Example-Euthanasiahas been legalized in some countries.
    a.   Making fun of others
    b.   Killing of people
    c.   Exploring
    d.   None of these

    5.) Evanescent:
    Meaning – disappointing and being forgotten
    Example – It was a short andevanescentphase of Indian culture.
    a.   Making anger
    b.   Repeated speech
    c.   Excitement
    d.   Disappointing

    6.) Exacerbate:
    Meaning – make a bad situation worse
    Example – Anil’s commentsexacerbatedthe situation.
    a.   Good
    b.   Harsh
    c.   Worse
    d.   Bad

    7.) Façade:
    Meaning – the front of a large building
    Example – Thefaçadeof the 17th century building was still attractive. The courage she displayed was just afaçade
    a.   Back of a large building
    b.   Middle of a large building
    c.   Front of a large building
    d.   None of these

    8.) Factotum:
    Meaning – a servant who has t do many kinds of jobs
    Example – Ranga was afactotumin the company
    a.   A servant who do number of jobs
    b.   A servant who do not do any job
    c.   A servant who is very ill
    d.   None of these

    9.) Fallacious:
    Meaning – based on false ideas
    Example – Seena’s ideas werefallaciousand not worth listening to.
    a.   Fake idea
    b.   False idea
    c.   Excellent idea
    d.   None of these

    10.) Famished:
    Meaning – extremely hungry
    Example – There was afamishedlook on the boy’s face.
    a.   Hungry
    b.   Tired
    c.   Dreaming
    d.   None of these

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