English Vocabulary Set-2 (with meaning and example)

    English Vocabulary Set-2
    English Vocabulary Set-II (with meaning and example):
    Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips. 

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    Meaning: a game for two players using flat, round pieces and dice on a special board.
    Example: We enjoyed playingbackgammon.
    a.   Backgammon
    b.   Connected
    c.   Opportunities
    d.   Resolutions

    Meaning: a warm, woolen hat that covers most of your head and face.
    Example: In cold countries, people wearbalaclavasduring winter.
    a.   Plant
    b.   Coat
    c.   Hat
    d.   Socks

    Meaning: unable to pay your debts
    Example: Several court cases left himbankrupt.
    a.   Rich
    b.   Poor
    c.   Careless
    d.   Industrious

    Meaning: having many difficulties, especially because everyone is criticizing you.
    Example: Thebeleaguered minister decided to resign.
    a.   Under attack
    b.   Abnormal
    c.   Criminal
    d.   Stoic

    Meaning: officially arrange for someone to have something that you own, after your death
    Example: Hebequeathed his large collection of books to the college library.
    a.   Give
    b.   Receive
    c.   Forego
    d.   Lose

    Meaning: of someone, especially a child making a log to noise and having a log of energy
    Example: The teacher had difficulty controlling the class ofboisterous children.
    a.   Childish
    b.   Suave
    c.   Noisy
    d.   Ultimate

    Meaning: a man who behaves in a rude way
    Example: People avoided him because of hisboorishbehavior
    a.   Unattractive
    b.   Wild
    c.   Forgetful
    d.   Insensitive

    Meaning: a wide road in a town unusually with trees along the sides
    Example: It was a pleasure driving along theboulevard.
    a.   Modern-minded
    b.   Extremely rich
    c.   Middle class
    d.   Thoughtless.

    Meaning: the killing and wounding of lots of people, especially in a war.
    Example: The scene of thecarnage was shocking.
    a.   Flower garden
    b.   Battle field
    c.   Destruction of life
    d.   Insensitivity

    Meaning: Criticizing unkindly but often humorously
    Example: The speaker’scaustic remarks invited loud protests.
    a.   Irrational
    b.   Unkind
    c.   Ludicrous
    d.   inherent

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