English Vocabulary Set-22 (with meaning and example)

    SBI PO Exam- English Vocabulary Set-22
    English Vocabulary Set-22 (with meaning and example):
    Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

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    1.) Flabby:
    Meaning – having soft loose fat, not strong muscles.
    Example – She is gettingflabby as she grows old.
    a.   Toneless
    b.   Lean
    c.   Long
    d.   Short

    2.) Flaccid:
    Meaning – soft and weak
    Example – The Police officer’sflaccidattitude helped the criminals.
    a.   Small
    b.   Large
    c.   Weak
    d.   Heavy

    3.) Flamboyant:
    Meaning – behaving or dressing in a way that makes people notice you.
    Example – Theflamboyant actor performed superbly.
    a.   Imitating others
    b.   Keen observation
    c.   To make attention of others
    d.   None of these

    4.) Fledgling:
    Meaning – recently formed and still developing
    Example – Thefledgling company had financial problems.
    a.   Already published
    b.   Recently formed
    c.   Heavy demand
    d.   None of these

    5.) Flounder:
    Meaning – move awkwardly and with difficulty; be unable to decide what to say or do
    Example – The sudden changes in his father’s attitude left himfloundering
    a.   Unable to decide
    b.   Good decision
    c.   Provoked decision
    d.   Bad decision

    6.) Goad:
    Meaning – make someone do something by annoying encouraging them until they do it.
    Example – The teachergoaded the boy into telling her what he had done.
    a.   Discourage
    b.   Defeat
    c.   Discharge
    d.   Encourage

    7.) Godspeed:
    Meaning – expression used to wish someone good luck especially before a journey
    Example – We wished themGodspeed on their journey.
    a.   Say good luck before journey
    b.   Say good luck after journey
    c.   Thinking bad
    d.   Say bad luck before journey

    8.) Gouge:
    Meaning – make a deep hole or cut in the surface.
    Example – The anger studentsgougedthe desks.
    a.   Light off
    b.   Cut off
    c.   Deep hole
    d.   Ignore

    9.) Grandiloquent:
    Meaning – using words that are too long and formal, in order to sound important.
    Example – Modern writers do not use agrandiloquentstyle.
    a.   Long words
    b.   Short words
    c.   An sentence
    d.   None of these

    10.) Gratuitous:
    Meaning – (violence, etc) done for no reason and causes unnecessary harm or offence.
    Example – The robbers from the jungle resorted togratuitous killings.
    a.   Harmless
    b.   Harmful
    c.   Appreciate
    d.   Deserve

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