English Vocabulary Set-24 (with meaning and example)

English Vocabulary Set-24 (with meaning and example)
English Vocabulary Set-24 (with meaning and example):
Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

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1). Grudge:
Meaning – do or give something very unwillingly
Example – Peoplegrudgehaving to pay heavily for poor service.
a.   Unwillingly giving something
b.   Willingly giving something
c.   Unwilling getting something
d.   Willingly getting something

2). Gruesome:
Meaning – very unpleasant and shocking, usually connected with death and injury
Example – Thegruesomemurder of the village chief shocked the people.
a.   Happiness
b.   Shocking
c.   Sad
d.   Anger

3). Grumpy:
Meaning – bad-tempered and tending to complain
Example – Thegrumpyteam leader failed to enthuse the others.
a.   Bad-tempered
b.   Misunderstand
c.   Punishment
d.   None of these

4). Guileless:
Meaning – behaving in an honest way without trying to hide anything
Example – Hisguilelessattitude won him many friends
a.   Behaving rudely
b.   Behaving harshly
c.   Behaving honestly
d.   Behaving in different way

5). Gullible:
Meaning – too ready to believe what others tell you so that you are easily deceived
Example – This man makes a living by cheatinggullibletourists.
a.   Innocently believe others
b.   Cheat others
c.   Avoid others
d.   None of these

6). Gynecology:
Meaning – study and treatment of medical conditions affecting only women.
Example – Dr. Usha is doing MS ingynecology
a.   Treatment related with skin
b.   Treatment related with hair
c.   Treatment related with affecting women
d.   None of these

7). Hackneyed:
Meaning – boring and having no meaning
Example – avoidhackneyedphrases in your writings.
a.   Boring and unnecessary talks
b.   Interesting talks
c.   Meaningful speech
d.   None of these

8). Haggard:
Meaning – having lines on your face and dark marks around your eyes.
Example – Sam’shaggardface meant he had a hard life.
a.   Dark marks under eyes
b.   Looking black
c.   Looking beautiful
d.   Looking pretty

9). Hallucination:
Meaning – experience of seeing or feeling something that is not there
Example – Anitha lived in a world ofhallucinations induced by drugs.
a.   Extreme level of Imagination
b.   Extreme level of real attitude
c.   Overbearing others attitude
d.   None of these

10). Hamstring:
Meaning – a tendon behind the knee
Example – The footballer had ahamstring injury
a.   Tendon behind ear
b.   Tendon behind knee
c.   Tendon behind hands
d.   Tendon behind shoulder

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