English Vocabulary Set-26 (with meaning and example)

English Vocabulary Set-26 (with meaning and example)
English Vocabulary Set-26 (with meaning and example):
Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

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1). Heist:
Meaning – an act of robbing something very valuable from a shop, bank, etc
Example – The bankheistwas the sensational news of the day.
a.   Giving fund
b.   Robbing
c.   Helping
d.   Pleasing

2). Hemoglobin:
Meaning – a red substance in the blood that contains iron and carries oxygen
Example – She was weak because of the lowhemoglobin content in her blood.
a.   Red substance contains iron
b.   Green substance contains iron
c.   Blue substance contains iron
d.   None of these

3). Hemorrhage:
Meaning – a serious medical condition in which a person bleeds a lot often inside the body.
Example – My uncle has been admitted to hospital following ahemorrhage
a.   Feverish
b.   Cold
c.   Bleeding
d.   Headache

4). Heuristic:
Meaning – helping you in the process of learning or discovery
Example – Ancient Indians practicedheuristic education.
a.   Helping to learn
b.   Helping to write
c.   Helping to dance
d.   Helping to sing

5). Histrionics:
Meaning – loud and extremely emotional behavior intended to get people’s sympathy and attention.
Example – The wife of the accused indulged inhistrionics in the court.
a.   Extreme emotion
b.   Fear
c.   Happiness
d.   Anger

6). Immaculate:
Meaning – very clean and tidy
Example – The businessman lookedimmaculate in a light-color suit
a.   Ugly
b.   Clean
c.   Liberal
d.   None of these

7). Imminent:
Meaning – about to happen
Example – Foreigners began to leave the country as war seemedimminent
a.   Yet to happen
b.   Completed
c.   Present sequence
d.   Future sequences

8). Immutable:
Meaning – never changing or impossible to change
Example – The party held on to theimmutable principles of equality and liberty.
a.   Chanceless
b.   Believing factors
c.   Combination
d.   Endless

9). Impair:
Meaning – make something less good
Example – Too much spiceimpairedthe taste of the food.
a.   Perfect
b.   Communion
c.   Something is missing
d.   None of these

10). Impasse:
Meaning – a situation in which it is impossible to continue
Example – Indo – Pak dialogue ended in animpasse
a.   Impossible to continue
b.   Continuation
c.   Distress
d.   None of these

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