English Vocabulary Set-27 (with meaning and example)

English Vocabulary Set-27 (with meaning and example)
English Vocabulary Set-27 (with meaning and example):
Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

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1). Hoarse:
Meaning – rough
Example – His voice turnedhoarseafter he addressed several meetings
a.   Unsuitable
b.   Painful
c.   Rough
d.   Sympathetic

2). Holocaust:
Meaning – great destruction and death of many people
Example – The killing of Jews by the Nazis was aholocaust
a.   Death of many people
b.   Alive
c.   Domination
d.   None of these

3). Homage:
Meaning – something done to show respect and honor to an important person.
Example – The President called on his old teach to pay hishomage
a.   Disrespect
b.   Teasing
c.   Respect
d.   None of these

4). Homicide:
Meaning – murder
Example –Homicide is a crime punishable with death
a.   Alive
b.   Murder
c.   Born
d.   None of these

5). Homogeneous:
Meaning – consisting of people or things that are all of the same kind
Example – Everybody enjoyed the party as it was ahomogeneous group.
a.   Same kind of people
b.   Different kind of people
c.   Attention
d.   None of these

6). Impassive:
Meaning – not showing any emotion or feeling
Example – She remainedimpassivethroughout the trail
a.   Over viewing
b.   Hiding emotion
c.   Exposing things
d.   Exciting

7). Impede:
Meaning – prevent something from happening in the normal way
Example – A severe dust stormimpeded our progress
a.   Fixing things
b.   Postponing
c.   Planning
d.   Pretending

8). Imperious:
Meaning – giving orders and expecting to be obeyed in a way that seems proud
Example – People avoided Mr. Reddy because of hisimperious nature
a.   Giving respect
b.   Honoring
c.   Playing
d.   Giving order

9). Impermeable:
Meaning – not allowing liquids or gases to pass through
Example – The film was thin butimpermeable
a.   Stopping gases to pass through
b.   Revealing gases
c.   Making safer side
d.   None of these

10). Imperturbable:
Meaning – remaining calm in spite of problems or difficulties
Example – The old man always remainedimpermeable
a.   Happy
b.   Sorrow
c.   Despite
d.   Calm 

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