English Vocabulary Set-28 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage)

    English Vocabulary Set-28 (with meaning and example)
    English Vocabulary Set-28 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage):
    Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

    1). Contrite:
    Synonyms- Remorseful, Penitent, Sorry, Apologetic
    Antonyms- Unrepentant, Defiant
    Usage- God has forgiven their little transgression and the two of them arecontrite for their actions.

    2). Humongous:
    Synonyms- Immense, Prodigious
    Antonyms-Small, Tiny
    Usage- I feel sleepy because I ate ahumongouslunch.

    3). Presumptuous:
    Synonyms- Over bold, Arrogant, Overconfident
    Antonyms-Humble, Unassuming
    Usage- I Hope I won’t be consideredpresumptuousif I offer some advice.

    4). Antecedent:
    Synonyms- Forerunner, Predecessor, Ancestor
    Antonyms- Subsequent, Following
    Usage- The range is squarely transected by the Columbia River, which bears every appearance ofantecedent origin.

    5). Winsome:
    Synonyms- Delightful, Captivating, Attractive
    Antonyms- Gloomy, Sulky
    Usage- The salesman’swinsome grin put the woman at ease.

    6). Ascetic:
    Synonyms- Disciplined, Austere, Strict
    Antonyms- Gentle, Forbearing
    Usage- When John was a monk, he lived anasceticlifestyle that excluded worldly goods.

    7). Aggregate:
    Synonyms- Accumulated, Combined, Corporate
    Antonyms- Individual, Particular
    Usage- Every Schools use test scores toaggregatedstudents into classes based on intelligence.

    8). Fidelity:
    Synonyms- Loyalty, Devotion, Faith
    Antonyms- Enmity, Inconstancy
    Usage- After his arrest for fraud, thefidelityof all the reports he had turned in came into question.

    9). Embrace:
    Synonyms- Clinch, Grasp, Clutch
    Antonyms- Free, Loose
    Usage- Theyembraced on the platform before he got on the train.

    10). Witness:
    Synonyms- Observer, Spectator, Testimony
    Antonyms- Participant, Disproof
    Usage- Lawyers are expected to call at least 10witnessesto testify.
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