English Vocabulary Set-29 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage)

    English Vocabulary Set-29 (with meaning and example)
    English Vocabulary Set-29 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage):
    Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

    1). Nonentity:
    Synonyms- Nonexistence, Nobody, Nothing
    Antonyms- Somebody, Something
    Usage- While the pizza maker was once anonentitywho made pizzas in his garage; he now owns two hundred pizza stores.

    2). Abstemious:
    Synonyms- Continent, Moderate, ascetic
    Antonyms- Hungry, Greedy
    Usage- John wasabstemious at dinner and only ate a little of the food on his plate.

    3). Iconoclast:
    Synonyms- Questioner, Revolutionist, Ruiner
    Antonyms- Believer
    Usage- The successful entrepreneur is aniconoclastwho is not afraid to introduce something new to the market

    4). Discursive:
    Synonyms- Deviating, Excursive, Roaming
    Antonyms- Direct, Consistent
    Usage- When Peter was drunk; he often talked for hours in adiscursivemanner.

    5). Animus:
    Synonyms- Mind, Spirit, Bile
    Antonyms- Amiability, Civility
    Usage- They showed stronganimus against NATO action.

    6). Viscous:
    Synonyms- Sticky, Gummy, Adhesive
    Antonyms- Free, Loose, in adhesive
    Usage- It seemed to take forever for theviscouscough medicine to come out of the bottle.

    7). Contusion:
    Synonyms- Swelling, Bump, Bang
    Antonyms- Compliment, Praise
    Usage- He received acontusion which compelled him to retire from active service.

    8). Importunate:
    Synonyms- Buring, Harassing, Clamant
    Antonyms- Relaxed, Unimportant
    Usage- Theimportunate woman has called the server to her table often.

    9). Diffidence:
    Synonyms- Constraint, Fear, Hesitation
    Antonyms- Arrogance, Boldness
    Usage- You most overcome yourdiffidence if you intend to become a salesperson.

    10). Obviate:
    Synonyms- Counteract, Remove, Anticipate
    Antonyms- Support, Allow, Encourage
    Usage- I hope this contribution willobviateany need for further collections of funds.
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