English Vocabulary Set-30 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Ref- The Hindu

English Vocabulary Set-30 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Ref- The Hindu
English Vocabulary Set-30(Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Ref- The Hindu:
Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

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Synonyms- protective, avoidance, indirect
Antonyms- Frank, direct
Usage- His words seemed part of someevasionsaction, and not meant to tackle a serious problem head-on

Synonyms- Kill by hanging
Antonyms- create
Usage- dead silence followed, and every eye was again riveted onLynch

Synonyms- Incomparable, best
Antonyms- Match able, comparable
Usage- Though he had lost the company a large sum of money, the owner would not fire him because he knew his talent wasinimitable

Synonyms – Appearance, Accept
Antonyms- disapprove, discourage
Usage – Even though Janet is a very young woman, her roughcountenancemakes her appear much older

Synonyms-High pitch, Harsh in sound
Antonyms- Calm, mild
Usage- The class was interrupted by theshrill tone of the fire alarm

Synonyms- Very bad, inhuman
Antonyms- Gentle, Mild
Usage- The teacher’s punishment were getting weirder andoutrageousday after day

Synonyms- Dominate, control
Antonyms- fail give-up
Usage- Let us hope justice willprevail so the killer will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

Synonyms- Extreme happiness, excited state of joy
Antonyms- Depression, sadness
Usage- When she received her acceptance letter to Harvard, she was in a state ofEuphoria for weeks

Synonyms- disloyalty, scheme
Antonyms- Loyalty, honesty
Usage- A case of corruption and criminalconspiracy has been registered against Mr.Mallya

Synonyms- Doubtful, unclear
Antonyms- Believable, clear
Usage- I don’t know exactly, replied the doctor in adubioustone.

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