English Vocabulary Set-31 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Ref- The Hindu

    English Vocabulary Set-31(Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Ref- The Hindu
    English Vocabulary Set-31(Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Ref- The Hindu:
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    Synonyms- Criminality, Wickedness, evil
    Antonyms- Good, Morality
    Usage- We moved to the quite country to keep our children away from thedepravity of city life
    Synonyms- Critical observation or examination, analysis
    Antonyms- Glimpse, peep
    Usage- Although the criminal was released from prison early, the police kept him underscrutiny
    Synonyms- Tangible, touchable, noticeable
    Antonyms- invisible, hidden
    Usage- The physician knew the patient had died when her pulse was no longerpalpable
    Synonyms- Continuation, extension, constancy
    Antonyms- arrest, end, finish
    Usage- In order to keep people away from his gold, the miner began toperpetuate the tale that his mine was haunted
    Synonyms- Building, monument
    Antonyms- erosion, demolition
    Usage- The former palace, called the Augustusburg, and this spaciousedifice is now used as a military school
    Synonyms- Happening or appearing now and then, occasional
    Antonyms- Constant, frequent
    Usage- The doctor decided to hospitalize my mother because of hersporadic heartbeat
    Synonyms- Lazier, slow starter
    Antonyms- leaders, prompts
    Usage- My boss asked me to fire thelaggard on my team who is not as productive as everyone else
    Synonyms- fictitious, untrue, inaccurate
    Antonyms- true, authentic
    Usage- The old man often sharedapocryphal ghost stories with anyone who would listen
    Synonyms- Not harmful, inoffensive, safe
    Antonyms- Destructive, harmful
    Usage- The politician worked hard to makeinnocuous speeches that would not offend anyone
    Synonyms- Eagerly, Passionately
    Antonyms- dispassionately, indifferently
    Usage- As I looked around the football stadium, I saw manyzealous fans wearing face paint
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