English Vocabulary Set-36 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Reference – “The Hindu”

    English Vocabulary Set-36 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Reference – “The Hindu”
    English Vocabulary Set-36(Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Reference – “The Hindu”:
    Dear Readers, list of important English Vocabulary words, and its Synonyms-Antonyms with example sentence were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this.

    1). Embarked
    Synonyms- engage, enter, get off, initiate, jump off, launch, open,
    Antonyms- complete, conclude, consummate, end, finish
    Usage- Sanjay has plans toembarkon a new career as a journalist.
    Synonyms- unaccountable, unknowable
    Antonyms- common, known, normal, outward
    Usage- When all possible data becomes available, the most unimaginable and arcane associations can be tested.
    Synonyms- defeat, delete, eliminate, eradicate,
    Antonyms- build, construct, create
    Usage- Gregory was smug after he easilybogged his rival during the kickboxing competition.
    Synonyms- hard, harsh, heartless, impolite, inhuman, insensitive, merciless,
    Antonyms- generous, humane, kind, nice
    Usage- He planned brutal practical jokes, in which blows had always a share.
    Synonyms- despoil, disinherit, dismantle, dispossess
    Antonyms- appropriate, offer, present, supply
    Usage- Everything is done to deprive him of the remains of his reason and to prepare him for his terrible part.
    Synonyms- disturbance, anxiety, worriedness
    Antonyms- assurance, calmness, peace, quietness
    Usage- I’ll not to causeunease so allot us a site away from others.

    Synonyms- hush, muffle
    Antonyms- hale, healthy, strong
    Usage- A missing girl fell through the ice and drowned while Howie helplessly watched.
    Synonyms- abnormal,unhealthy, unmanageable, unreasonable
    Antonyms- agreeable, compliant, happy, nice, reasonable, willing
    Usage- The serial killer foundperverse pleasure in every murder he committed.

    Synonyms- rubbish, rubble, trash, junk
    Antonyms- cleanliness, neatness, purity
    Usage- The street cleaners will remove thedebris left behind by the car accident.
    Synonyms- extreme, flagrant, insufferable, intolerable, monstrous
    Antonyms- little, minor, secondary, slight
    Usage- The judge said it was the mostegregious act he had ever seen

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