English Vocabulary Set-39 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Reference – “The Hindu”

    English Vocabulary Set-39 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Reference – “The Hindu”
    English Vocabulary Set-39 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Reference – “The Hindu”:
    Dear Readers, list of important English Vocabulary words, and its Synonyms-Antonyms with example sentence were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this.

    1). Arduous
    Synonyms – heavy, effortful, punishing
    Antonyms – effortless, easy
    Usage – The task was morearduousthan he had calculated.
    2). Receding
    Synonyms – fadeout, recession
    Antonyms – advance, forward
    Usage – Even with arecedinghairline he is seen as smart
    3). Strait
    Synonyms – hardship, distress
    Antonyms – success, advantage
    Usage – In such astrait one should take a bold decision
    4). Marooned
    Synonyms – desert, isolate
    Antonyms – care, rescue
    Usage – They weremarooned in the island.
    5). Erudite
    Synonyms – literate, cultured
    Antonyms – ignorant, common
    Usage – She has a veryerudite way of thinking
    6). Deterrent
    Synonyms – hindrance, obstacle
    Antonyms – encouragement, incentive
    Usage – Winter is nodeterrent to farmers.
    7). Tussle
    Synonyms – battle, encounter
    Antonyms – agreement, consensus
    Usage – Thetusslebetween the two countries was dangerous.
    8). Veracity
    Synonyms – accuracy, honesty
    Antonyms – falsehood, incorrect
    Usage – They are unsure of theveracityof information.
    9). Litigation
    Synonyms – indictment, trial
    Antonyms – liberate, pardon
    Usage – The companies wishes to avoidlitigation.
    10). Palatable
    Synonyms – acceptable, attractive
    Antonyms – bitter, distasteful
    Usage – The wine ispalatable by world standards.

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