English Vocabulary Set-41 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Reference – “The Hindu”

    English Vocabulary Set-41 (Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Reference – “The Hindu”
    English Vocabulary Set-41(Synonyms-Antonyms-Usage) Reference – “The Hindu”:
    Dear Readers, list of important English Vocabulary words, and its Synonyms-Antonyms with example sentence were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this.

    1). Convict
    Synonyms- offender, criminal, prisoner
    Antonyms- clear, acquit
    Usage- Two escapedconvictskidnapped them at gunpoint.
    Synonyms- acceptable, trustworthy, reliable
    Antonyms- unbelievable, untrustworthy
    Usage- The existing lists did not form acredible basis for free and fair elections.

    Synonyms- occupancy, holding, residence,
    Antonyms- release, misconception
    Usage- They have a right to a fair rent and security oftenure.
    Synonyms- deciding, conclusive, prime
    Antonyms- insignificant, indecisive
    Usage- The archers played adecisivepart in the victory.
    Synonyms- truly, actually, really
    Antonyms- slightly, moderately
    Usage- It was not expected to last long, andindeed it took less than three weeks.
    Synonyms- disprove, demolish, negative
    Antonyms- accept, allow, support
    Usage- He attempted torefuteEinstein’s theory of relativity.

    Synonyms- anger, inflame, madden
    Antonyms- soothe, please
    Usage- I wasinfuriatedby your article.
    Synonyms- smother, suppress, lessen
    Antonyms- aggravate, intensify
    Usage- The letterassuagedthe fears of most members.

    Synonyms- limited, insufficient, little, short
    Antonyms- abundant, more
    Usage- They were forced to supplement theirmeagre earnings.

    Synonyms- Displeasure, Dissatisfaction, bad feelings,
    Antonyms- friendliness, happiness,
    Usage- The attack was carried out by someone with agrudge.

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