English Vocabulary Set-5 (with meaning and example)

    English Vocabulary Set-5 (with meaning and example)
    English Vocabulary Set-5 (with meaning and example):
    Useful tips to know how to use the Correct English Grammar words at correct place was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips. 

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    Meaning: the act of rising
    Example: He made a successfulascent of the mountains.

    Meaning: Approval
    Example: We are waiting for the director to give hisassent.

    Meaning: to try or experiment
    Example: We shallassay the ascent of the mountain.

    Meaning: aware of one’s self
    Example: The injured person isconscious.

    Meaning: Sense of right thinking, behavior etc
    Example: Myconscienceurges me to help the poor.

    Meaning: to agree to a suggestion.
    Example: The supervisor graciouslyacceded to my request.

    Meaning: to admit as true, or proper, often unwillingly
    Example: The Governmentconceded defeat as soon as the election results were known.

    Meaning: to make or become suitable for new needs, different conditions etc.
    Example: Headaptedan old car engine to fit his boat.

    Meaning: to escape from
    Example: It is almost impossible for one toelude income tax officers.

    Meaning: the act of speaking about something indirectly.
    Example: She made severalallusions to the previous government’s failures.

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