English Vocabulary Set-9 (with meaning and example)

    English Vocabulary Set-9 (with meaning and example)
    English Vocabulary Set-9 (with meaning and example):
    Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Grammar Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips.

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    1.)Damp squib:
    Meaning – something that is intended to be exciting, effective, etc., but which is disappointing
    Example – The much publicized five point programme turned out to be adamp squib.
    a.   Memorable surprise
    b.   Thinking deeply
    c.   Disappointing excitement
    d.   None of these

    Meaning – a young, unmarried woman
    Example – Thedamselexcelled in entertaining the guests
    a.   Unmarried woman
    b.   Married woman
    c.   Couple
    d.   Young man

    3.)Dark Horse:
    Meaning – someone, whom people do not know much about, who surprises everyone by winning competition
    Example – The unfancied team proved to be thedark horse in the championship.
    a.   A person who work for others sake
    b.   A person who is afraid for silly things
    c.   A person who surprises everyone by winning competition
    d.   None of these

    Meaning – very cruel or evil
    Example – Everyone condemned thedastardly attack on innocent people.
    a.   Good things
    b.   Evil things
    c.   Exciting things
    d.   Surprising things

    Meaning – make someone feel afraid or less confident
    Example – He was notdauntedby the difficulties he had to face
    a.   Less confident
    b.   Feeling happy
    c.   Accepting
    d.   Arguing

    Meaning – immoral behavior involving alcohol, drugs, sex, etc
    Example – His life ofdebaucherylanded him in prison
    a.   A person who is addict of something
    b.   A person who kill themselves
    c.   A person who read books
    d.   A person who do social services

    Meaning – go slower, especially in a vehicle
    Example – The cardeceleratedon entering the busy part of the city
    a.   A person who goes faster in vehicle
    b.   A person who does not know to drive
    c.   A person who goes slowly in vehicle
    d.   None of these

    Meaning – old and in bad condition
    Example – The school building was in adecrepit condition
    a.   Ignorance
    b.   Suggestion
    c.   Good condition
    d.   Bad condition

    Meaning – correct behavior that shows respect
    Example – The participants are expected to behave with suitabledecorum.
    a.   Behaves disrespectfully
    b.   Behaves in a bad manner
    c.   Behaves respectfully
    d.   Behaves harshly

    Meaning – spoil the surface or appearance of something
    Example – Several monuments weredefaced during the war.
    a.   Watery area
    b.   Drought
    c.   Grass land
    d.   Spoil the surface

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