Expected Banking Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains

    Expected Banking Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains
    Expected Banking Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains:
    Dear Readers, Important Expected Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming IBPS Clerk V Mains Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1). According to World Bank Report, which of the following state tops the ease of doing business in India?
    a)   Gujarat
    b)   Maharashtra
    c)   Karnataka
    d)   Kerala
    e)   None of these

    2).Money Laundering normally involves:
    a)   Placement of funds
    b)   Layering of funds
    c)   Integration of funds
    d)   All of the above
    e)   None of the above

    3).What is the full form of ECB?
    a)   Essential Commercial Borrowing
    b)   Essential Credit and Borrowing
    c)   External Credit and Business
    d)   External Commercial Borrowing
    e)   None of the above

    4).Land Development Banks form a part of the?
    a)   Commercial Banks
    b)   Industrial Development Bank of India
    c)   Food Corporation of India
    d)   Co-operative Credit Structure
    e)   None of these

    5). Which of the following Public Sector companies / organizations provide insurance cover to exporters?
    a)   ECGC
    b)   NABARD
    c)   IRDA
    d)   SIDBI
    e)   None of these

    6).What are the cooperative banks at the village level known as?
    a)   Central Cooperative banks
    b)   Primary agricultural cooperative societies
    c)   Village Cooperative banks
    d)   State Cooperative banks
    e)   None of the above

    7).What are the reasons for cost push inflation?
    a)   Increase in wage rate
    b)   Increase in interest rate
    c)   Increase in the price of raw material
    d)   Increase in indirect tax
    e)   Decrease in cost of production

    8).Commercial paper can be issued for a maximum period of:
    a)   365 days or 1 year
    b)   140 days
    c)   6 months
    d)   3 Month
    e)   2 years

    9). What is the time limit for an asset or loan to be declared as Non-Performing Asset? 
    a)    30 days
    b)    60 days
    c)    90 days
    d)   120 days 
    e)    150 days

    10).What is the full form of CVV?
    a)   Credit Verification Value
    b)   Currency Verification Variable
    c)   Customer Verification Value
    d)   Card Verification Value
    e)   None of these


    1). a) 2). d) 3). d) 4). d) 5). a) 6). b) 7). c) 8). a) 9). c) 10). d)

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