Expected Banking Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains

    Expected Banking Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains
    Expected Banking Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains:
    Dear Readers, Important Expected Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming IBPS Clerk V Mains Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1). At which rate the RBI lends money to a public sector bank on a long term basis?
    a)   Bank Rate
    b)   CRR
    c)   Repo Rate
    d)   PLR
    e)   Reverse Repo Rate

    2). What is the full form of PPP?
    a)   Personal Private Power
    b)   Primary Power Parity
    c)   Personal Private Parity
    d)   Purchasing Power Parity
    e)   None of these

    3).What is the Minimum amount of transfer required for RTGS is _____.
    a)   Rs. 1 lakh
    b)   Rs. 2 lakh
    c)   Rs. 5 lakh
    d)   Rs. 50,000
    e)   No Limits

    4). Who is the sole authority to issue and manage currency in India?
    a)   State Bank of India
    b)   Government of India
    c)   Reserve Bank of India
    d)   Finance Ministry
    e)   None of these

    5).In CRR, C stands for_______.
    a)   Cash
    b)   Currency
    c)   Core
    d)   Currency
    e)   None of these

    6).MICR code is used for ________.
    a)   For Code Banking Solution
    b)   For Electronic Funds Transfer
    c)   For Electronic Clearance of Cheques
    d)   For Cheque Truncation Services
    e)   None of these

    7).The Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR), the amount of liquid assets such as cash, precious metals and other short-term securities are kept with _______.
    a)   RBI
    b)   Individual banks
    c)   SBI
    d)   Finance Ministry
    e)   None of these

    8).As per the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, any person can file a complaint before the Banking Ombudsman, if the satisfied reply is not received from the bank within a period of _________.
    a)   6 months
    b)   3 months
    c)   2 months
    d)   1 month
    e)   1 year

    9).Money lent for more than one day but less than 15 days in the money market is known as _______.
    a)   Notice Money
    b)   Call Money
    c)   Term Money
    d)   Week Money
    e)   None of these

    10).Smart Money’ is a term used for ________.
    a)   Internet Banking
    b)   Credit Card
    c)   Mobile Apps
    d)   Demand Drafts of Banks
    e)   None of these

    1). a) 2). d) 3). b) 4). c) 5). a) 6). c) 7). b) 8). d) 9). a) 10). b)

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