Expected General Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains

    Expected General Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains
    Expected General Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains:                            
    Dear Readers, Important Expected GK Questions for Upcoming IBPS Clerk V Mains Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1).Which of the following Countries recently became India’s top Source of FDI?
    a)   Mauritius
    b)   UAE
    c)   Netherlands
    d)   Singapore
    e)   Denmark

    2).Recently, Storm_________ Severely ravaged parts of the UK?
    a)   Desmond
    b)   Lola
    c)   Erika
    d)   Wanda
    e)   Ida

    3).Which of the following states is the first to join the centre’s UDAY (Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana) scheme?
    a)   Maharastra
    b)   West bengal
    c)   Andhra Pradesh
    d)   Uttara Khand
    e)   Rajasthan

    4).Which of the following coalitions recently won the Parliamentary elections in Venezuela?
    a)   United Socialist party of Venezuela
    b)   Democratic Action
    c)   A New Era
    d)   Democratic Unity Roundtable
    e)   Independent Electoral Political Organization Committee

    5).Who among following recently won the men’s singles title at the 2015 BWF Indonesia Masters Grand Prix Gold?
    a)   Kidambi Srikanth
    b)   Tommy Sugiarto
    c)   Lin Dan
    d)   P. Kashyap
    e)   Chen Long

    6).Ministry forces of which country were recently asked to withdraw from the fight against ISIS in lraq?
    a)   Russia
    b)   UK
    c)   USA
    d)   German
    e)   Turkish

    7).What is the percentage of FDI that allowed in E-Commerce sector in India?
    a)   100%
    b)   51%
    c)   49%
    d)   80%
    e)   70%

    8).A panel led by __________ recently suggested integration of the anti-corruption wings of the CBI and CVC with Lokpal?
    a)   S.S Ahluwalia
    b)   Sudarsana Natchiappan
    c)   Arvin panagana
    d)   Yogi Adityanath
    e)   Abid Hussain

    9).TCS BaNCS was recently selected by _________ Bank for its core Banking?
    a)   HDFC
    b)   ICICI
    c)   IDFC
    d)   Yes Bank
    e)   Axis Bank

    10).IPL will have two new teams from Pune and ___________?
    a)   Raipur
    b)   Gurgaon
    c)   Rajkot
    d)   Kozhikode
    e)   Chandigarh

    1). d) 2). a) 3). c) 4). d) 5). b) 6). e) 7). a) 8). b) 9). c) 10). c)

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