Expected General Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains

Expected General Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains
Expected General Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains:                            
Dear Readers, Important Expected GK Questions for Upcoming IBPS Clerk V Mains Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

1). The RBI granted in-principle approval to NPCI to function as the central unit for BBPS. Here the term “BBPS” stands for _______.
a)   Bharat Bill Payment Systems
b)   Basic Bill Pending Systems
c)   Basic Bill Payment Systems
d)   Beyond Bill Payment Systems
e)   None of these

2). The World Fisheries Day is observed on _________.
a)   20th Nov
b)   22nd Nov
c)   18th Nov
d)   21st Nov
e)   25th Nov

3). Antonio Costa was sworn was the new Prime Minister of ________.
a)   Turkey
b)   Portugal
c)   Cambodia
d)   Colombia
e)   Greece

4). SLINEX is the bilateral maritime exercise which was conducted between which of the following countries?
a)   Sri Lanka and China
b)   Sri Lanka and Pakistan
c)   Sri Lanka and India
d)   Sri Lanka and Nepal
e)   Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

5). Who is the author of the book- “For King and Another Country: Indian Soldiers on the Western Front 1914-18”?
a)   Shrabani Basu
b)   Poonam Surie
c)   Saroj Kumar Rath
d)   Amitav Ghosh
e)   Neel Mukherjee

6). Who among the following has won the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, 2015?
a)   Laurell K. Hamilton
b)   Alison Kent
c)   Jane Friedman
d)   Raif Badawi
e)   Marjorie M Liu

7). What is the range of the nuclear-capable surface to surface Agni-I missile which was indigenously developed and successfully test-fired by India?
a)   1000 km
b)   700 km
c)   500 km
d)   800 km
e)   1200 km

8). Name the person who has been appointed as the Chief Coach of the Indian Women’s Hockey Team?
a)   Ashish Kumar Ballal
b)   Neil Hawgwood
c)   Vasudevan Baskaran
d)   Mir Ranjan Negi
e)   Jaman Lal Sharma

9). Which of the following teams has played the first ever day-night Test match which was held at Adelaide Oval in Australia?
a)   England and New Zealand
b)   Australia and South Africa
c)   Australia and New Zealand
d)   England and Australia
e)   Australia and West Indies

10). Virendra Nath Misra was an eminent _________, has passed away.
a)   Scientist
b)   Environmentalist
c)   Journalist
d)   Archeologist
e)   Politician

1). a) 2). d) 3). b) 4). c) 5). a) 6). d) 7). b) 8). b) 9). c) 10). d)

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