Expected General Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains

    Expected General Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains
    Expected General Awareness Questions for Clerical Mains:                            
    Dear Readers, Important Expected GK Questions for Upcoming IBPS Clerk V Mains Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1). The RBI announced that the limits for FPI investment in Gov Securities (G-Sec) will be raised in phases by march 2018 to what percent of the outstanding stock?
    a)   2 per cent
    b)   3 percent
    c)   4 percent
    d)   5 per cent
    e)   6 percent

    2).Recently, Govt. of India launches _________ scheme for online release of new LPG connections.
    a)   NISAN
    b)   SAHAJ
    c)   e-LPG
    d)   PAHAL
    e)   e-Gas Home

    3). Which state government of India will set up bio-ethanol refinery in the state?
    a)   Haryana
    b)   Kerala
    c)   Punjab
    d)   Karnataka
    e)   Uttar Pradesh

    4). Balance Nail 16-01, which is recently in news, is related to which field?
    a)   New Star found in Galaxy
    b)   Military training
    c)   Cyclone
    d)   Memorandum of Understanding
    e)   Army Program

    5). Which two countries will host the Asian Cup cricket in 2016 and 2018, respectively?
    a)   Bangladesh and India
    b)   Pakistan and India
    c)   Bangladesh and Pakistan
    d)   Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
    e)   Sri Lanka and Pakistan

    6). The Similipal National Park is situated at which state of India?
    a)   Haryana
    b)   Punjab
    c)   Gujarat
    d)   Odisha
    e)   Tamil Nadu

    7). Which of the following technology giant has partnered with BSNL to install 100 rural WiFi Hotspots?
    a)   Google
    b)   Facebook
    c)   Microsoft
    d)   Flip Kart
    e)   IBM

    8). The committee of Bankruptcy Law Reforms has proposed an easy exit option for the low-income individuals unable to repay debts. The committee is headed by _________
    a)   TK Viswanathan
    b)   Anil Goswami
    c)   Aravind Subramanyam
    d)   Husmukh Adhia
    e)   Arvind Mayaram

    9). PM N Modi launched “IMPRINT INDIA” project to kick start original research in areas where the country is dependent on foreign technology. This is a _________ project.
    a)   Rs. 500cr
    b)   Rs. 1500cr
    c)   Rs. 2500cr
    d)   Rs. 100cr
    e)   Rs. 1000cr

    10). Which of the following organizations has released the report titled – ‘Asian Economic Integration Report 2015’?
    a)   ADB
    b)   IMF
    c)   World Bank
    d)   ASEAN
    e)   IDB

    1). d) 2). b) 3). c) 4). b) 5). a) 6). d) 7). b) 8). a) 9). e) 10). a)

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