Expected General / Financial Awareness Questions (Day-17)

Dear Readers, SBI Clerk, Syndicate Bank PO and Canara Bank PO Exams were approaching shortly, and this is the right time to rush up your preparation. In Banking examination General Awareness Part plays a most vital role which help aspirants to increase their Overall Score. For Banking Exams you have to focus more on Financial Awareness Part, only few sources are there to provide Expected General/Financial Awareness Questions. Here we have given the List of Expected General Financial Awareness Questions for Upcoming Banking Exams 2018.

We IG Team have provided the Expected General/Financial Awareness Questions Specially for Upcoming Syndicate PO, Canara PO and SBI Clerk Exam 2018.

Expected General / Financial Awareness Questions (Day-17)

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1). Which Bank has launched instant credit cards enabling its savings account customers to get a credit card instantly, in a completely digital and paperless manner recently?

  1. CITI Bank
  2. ICICI Bank
  3. HDFC Bank
  4. HSBC
  5. Credit Suisse

2). The International Monetary Fund has approved a new USD 88 billion credit line for __________ replacing the existing line.

  1. Mexico
  2. Peru
  3. Chile
  4. Brazil
  5. Columbia

3). Nepal Remittance Scheme is a cross-border one-way remittance facility scheme for remittance from India to Nepal,  enabled under the NEFT Scheme. A remitter can transfer funds up to Indian Rupees ______ (maximum permissible amount) from any of the NEFT-enabled branches in India.

  1. Rs 4,50,000
  2. Rs 3,50,000
  3. Rs 2,50,000
  4. Rs 1,50,000
  5. Rs 50,000

4). The government has fixed 2,952 rupees per gram as price of new series of SGBs recently. SGBs stands for-

  1. sovereign gold bonds
  2. secure gold bonds
  3. sovereign green bonds
  4. secure green bonds
  5. none of the above

5). Where is the head office of Bank for International Settlements (BIS)?

  1. Switzerland
  2. Poland
  3. Netherland
  4. Hungary
  5. Russia

6). Which Bank has launched its RuPay Select and RuPay Platinum credit cards recently?

  1. PNB
  2. Corporation Bank
  3. Dena Bank
  4. Union Bank
  5. Bank of India

7). Bank of Rajasthan was merged with which private sector bank?

  1. HDFC
  2. YES
  3. ICICI
  4. CITI
  5. HSBC

8). Name the Bank, which has launched digital Supply Chain Finance solution which aims to accelerate working capital loan opportunities for the small and medium enterprises and large corporate clients?

  1. Bank of Baroda
  2. Dena Bank
  3. Bank of India
  4. Citi Bank
  5. ICICI Bank

9).  MUDRA Bank, a Non Banking Finance Company as MUDRA Ltd has been set up as a subsidiary of

  1. RBI
  2. SIDBI
  4. SBI
  5. EXIM

10). A report by Bank of America-Merrill Lynch has stated that in the next decade, which country will overtake Japan to become the third-largest economy?

  1. Australia
  2. USA
  3. India
  4. UK
  5. France

11). Name the Private sector Bank, which has received $150 million funding from the US government and Wells Fargo to increase lending to support women entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises in India.

  1. ICICI
  2. YES
  3. CITI
  4. HDFC
  5. HSBC

12). The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has imposed a penalty of ___________ on Syndicate Bank for non-compliance with its directions on “Cheque Purchase or Discounting, Bill Discounting, and Know Your Customer (KYC)” norms.

  1. Rs 4 crore
  2. Rs 5 crore
  3. Rs 6 crore
  4. Rs 7 crore
  5. Rs 8 crore

13). Which Bank has tied up with PFG Forex for remittance facility for the benefit of Indian expatriates from Australia. The new facility will leverage the bank to reach the Indian diaspora?

  1. Yes
  2. ICICI
  3. HDFC
  4. South Indian Bank
  5. HSBC

14). Which among the following Bank has introduced a loyalty program for its valued customers?

  1. BOB
  2. PNB
  3. SBI
  4. HDFC
  5. None of the above

15). Which GST committee on exports has been constituted by the Union Finance Ministry?

  1. Sushil Modi committee
  2. Hasmukh Adhia committee
  3. Yotikar committee
  4. Lodha committee
  5. Baswan committee

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