Expected GK Questions from Defence NEWS 2015 Set-2

    Expected GK Questions from Defence NEWS 2015 Set-2
    Expected GK Questions from Defence NEWS 2015 Set-2:
    List of Important GK Question from Defence NEWS 2015 were given here, candidates those who are preparing for the upcoming Bank PO and Clerk Exams can use these questions.


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    1).Who among the following was appointed as the new Defence Secretary?
    a)   Surya Kiran
    b)   J. Varghese
    c)   Jiji Thomson
    d)   G. Mohan Kumar

    2).What was the name of the Massive Rescue and Relief Mission launched by the Indian Army in Nepal after the earthquake?
    a)   Operation Sakthi
    b)   Operation Seva
    c)   Operation Maitri
    d)   Operation Neeti

    3).Which of the following rockets was successfully test fired from the Indian Army’s Chandan firing range near Pokhran in May 2015?
    a)   Garuda I
    b)   Pinaka Mark – II
    c)   Agni III
    d)   Dhanus – IV

    4).In which of the following states was the 14thedition of the Indo-French naval exercise ‘Varuna’ held?
    a)   Goa
    b)   West Bengal
    c)   Kerala
    d)   Tamil Nadu

    5).What is the name of the Sail Training Ship of Indian Navy which left the Kochi coast on an 8 month voyage, Lokayan 2015?
    a)   INS Tarangini
    b)   INS Kalavari
    c)   INS Kavaratti
    d)   INS Vishakhapatnam

    6).Which of the following is the name of the bilateral naval exercise done by India and Singapore on 23rd May 2015 onwards in Singapore?
    a)   Varuna
    b)   GARUDA
    c)   SIMBEX
    d)   Surya Kiran

    7). Which of the following is the Indian Army’s indigenously developed supersonic surface to air missile capable of targeting enemy helicopters, aircrafts and UAVs from a range of 25km?
    a)   Mithra Sakthi
    b)   Dhanush
    c)   Akash
    d)   Tejas

    8).What is the name of the Porbandar base commissioned by the Indian Navy in May 2015?
    a)   INS Porbandar
    b)   INS Sardar Patel
    c)   INS Mahatma Gandhi
    d)   INS Madan Malviya

    9).Which of the following is the Indian Navy’s anti-submarine warfare class stealth corvette that was launched in May 2015?
    a)   INS Rohini
    b)   INS Veer Savrakar
    c)   INS Kalavari
    d)   INS Kavaratti

    10).An advanced version of the BrahMos land attack cruise missile was successfully test fired on 9th May 2015 from which of the following state or union territories?
    a)   Orissa
    b)   Andaman& Nicobar Islands
    c)   Jammu& Kashmir
    d)   Goa

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