GK Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Exam Held on 1st August 2015 (Morning)

    GK Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Exam Held on 1st August 2015 (Morning)
    GK Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Exam Held on 1st August 2015 (Morning):
    List of Gk Questions Asked in the RBI Assistant Exam which was held on 1st August 2015 (Morning Shift) was given here with answers. Candidates those who are preparing for the upcoming examination can use this.

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    1). Kaiga Atomic Power Plant is located at which of the following state?

    2). Who is the President of New BRICS Development Bank?
    Answer:K V Kamath

    3). India-Africa Summit 2015 was held at________
    Answer:New Delhi

    4). What is the name of the State Bank of India before it was created by SBI Act?
    Answer:Imperial Bank of India

    5). India has signed a deal on Uranium with which country for next 5 years?

    6). Floyd Joy Mayweather is related to which of the following sports?

    7). “Test of my life” is the auto biography of _______
    Answer:Yuvraj Singh

    8). What is the authorized capital amount of Regional Rural Banks?
    Answer:Rs. 5 crore

    9). What is the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli?

    10). What is the currency of Switzerland?

    11). What is the headquarters of IMF?
    Answer:Washington DC

    12). National Teacher’s Day is observed on_________
    Answer:September 5

    13). What is the correct Share percentage of Central, State and Sponsored Bank for Regional Rural Banks?
    Answer:50%, 15%, 35%

    14). Who is the Information Broadcasting Minister of India?
    Answer:Arun Jaitley

    15). Who is the New Deputy Governor of RBI?
    Answer:S S Mundra

    16). Keoladeo National Park is located at_______

    17). Cooperative Societies Act was enacted in which year?

    18). Which of the following is the regulatory body of Regional Rural Banks?

    19). What is the headquarters of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank?
    Answer:Beijing, China

    20). What is the age limit of Atal Pension Yojna?
    Answer:18 years to 40 years

    21). State Bank of India has tied up with which of the following insurance company?
    Answer:National Insurance

    22). What is the new dead-line to exchange the pre-2005 currency notes?
    Answer:December 31st 2015

    23). Which is the longest river in the world?

    24). Who is the new Head of CIC?
    Answer:Vijay Sharma

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