How Negative Marking Plays An Important Role In Bank Exams

As we all know that the concept of negative marking for wrong answers was first acquainted in competitive exams such as UPSC entrance exams, CAT etc. Afterwards, this concept of negative marking came in bank exams to filter candidates to the next level. Candidates are very much nervous about the negative marking in the bank exams. It is so because they feel that negative marking will have a huge impact on the final score.

The negative marking for the post of Clerk or Probationary officer will range from 0.25 to 0.50 for every wrong answer. Public and private sector banks are recruiting employees to meet the rise in bank openings. They will continue to do so at least for the next few years. So, let us have a glance on some of the important tips that can help you to minimize negative marking in bank exams.

Ways to minimize negative marking in bank exams

  1. The candidate should read the question very carefully and don’t mark the answers without thinking.
  2. Evaluate the previous year question papers properly. This step will aid in getting an exact picture of the question pattern in every section.
  3. As there is a proverb that practice makes a man perfect, this is the only key to avoid negative marking. The bank exam will have almost 120-150 questions and the time limit will be 3 hours. So, the aspirants should look out for shortcuts that can help in saving time for sections that are unanswered. Practicing mock papers will aid the candidate to decide that how much time is required to answer each question.
  4. Candidate must prepare short notes for the important questions, formulas, theorems etc. These will assist them in referring during last minute preparation.
  5. The candidate should answer those questions first for which you are full confident. Simply guessing the answers will result in negative marking.
  6. Please avoid overwriting or erasing the answers. It will be difficult for computers to read OMR sheets. So, the erasing marks which the candidate has scribbled will be calculated as wrong answers. This will result in negative marks.
  7. When you do not know a particular question and you are spending too much time on it, then proceed to next questions as soon as possible. Then, come back if you have time.
  8. Read the questions very carefully especially in maths section.

All the candidates must follow these tips  before and during the exam. This will lead to minimize the negative marks to a great extent. This will help the candidate to perform well in bank exams and and pass exam with flying colors.

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