IBPS Clerk Interview 2015 | List of Do’s and Don’ts

    IBPS Clerk Interview 2015
    IBPS Clerk Interview 2015 | List of Do’s and Don’ts:
    The complete list of Do’s and Don’ts in the IBPS, SBI and all other Banking Interviews were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for the banking interviews can use this material to perform better in the interviews.

    Interview do’s:

    ·        Punctuality is the first and foremost thing; arrive 30 minutes prior to the interview time.
    ·          While waiting for the interview outside the hall, make yourself more comfortable and be in clear mindset.
    ·        When they called you in, make ease yourself and pick all your relevant documents and file in your hand.
    ·        Softly knock the door, even if the door is also open.
    ·        Ask permission to the board before entering into the room.
    ·        If you see a female inside wish them individually, Good morning Mam and Good morning Sir.
    ·        Before wishing noted down the clock, is it Good morning or Good Afternoon or Good Evening.
    ·        After wishing wait still the board permits you to sit and say thanks before sitting.
    ·        Sit in straight posture with plans in your lap/thigh. Avoid fidgeting and slouching.
    ·        Make your Eye Contact Rich with everyone in the board.
    ·        Your voice must be Clear/Audible/Humble and Polite.
    ·        Answer confidently and be positive.
    ·        While answering, don’t answers rapidly take a break between each answers.
    ·        If you don’t know the answers means, use
          Sorry sir, I do not know.
          I’m unable to recall it sir.
          Sir, I have heard about it but I am unable to recall it at present
    ·        If any one for the board says thanks means, say
          You are welcome sir, or
          It’s my pleasure is sir, or
          All pleasure from my side sir.
    ·        Before leaving the room, say thanks to everyone individually in the board.
    Interview Don’ts:

    ·        Avoid Hiding your Eyes, it shows lack of Confidence.
    ·        Don’t forget to wish the board.
    ·        Don’t sit until the board asks to do so.
    ·        Never put your file or Hand on the Table.
    ·        Don’t irritate the board while asking questions.
    ·        Don’t try to defend yourself in wrong answer.
    ·        Don’t push or pull the chair while sitting and leaving it will make noise to crate bad impression.
    ·        Don’t shake your leg or hand while answering the questions.
    ·        Don’t be nervous

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