IBPS Clerk Mains 2016 – Practice Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Data Interpretation& Arithmetic Problems)

 IBPS Clerk 2016 - Practice Quantitative Aptitude Questions
IBPS Clerk/RRB Mains 2016 – Practice Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Data Interpretation& Application Problems) Set-71:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Aptitude Questions for IBPS Clerk Mains and Upcoming Exams was given here with Solutions. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

Direction (Q. 1-5): Study the following pie-charts carefully to answer the questions that follow:

Percentage of employees in different departments in a company

1).What is the number of employees in Audit?
a)   350
b)   330
c)   450
d)   336
e)   216
2).What is the average number of all female employees in all departments?
a)   80.5
b)   92.5
c)   89.2
d)   91.3
e)   81.5
3).Number of girls in finance department is what percent of number of boys in Audit?
a)   70.5%
b)   60.5%
c)   51.5%
d)   55.5%
e)   62.5%
4).Number of female employees in Audit is approx what percent more than male in personnel?
a)   8%
b)   5%
c)   6%
d)   9%
e)   10%
5).What is the difference between Male of IT and operations together and girls of IT and HR together?
a)   64
b)   60
c)   150
d)   124
e)   134

6).An article was sold for certain price and there was a gain of 50%. If it would have been sold for Rs.80 Less, there would be neither gain nor loss. Find the C.P?
a)   Rs.100
b)   Rs.130
c)   Rs. 160
d)   Rs. 150
e)   Can’t be determined
7).A man is walking around a rectangular park at a speed of 7 km/h and completes one round in 20 minute. What is the perimeter of the park?
a)   110 km.
b)   140 m.
c)   2.33 km.
d)   1.35 km.
e)   110 m.
8).In how may ways ‘RECEPTION’ can be written so that vowel and consonant come alternately?
a)   120
b)   60
c)   420
d)   1400
e)   2880
9).The perimeter of the square is same that of a rectangle. If side of square is 14 m, what is the length of rectangle?
a)   14m.
b)   28m.
c)   7 m.
d)   14 cm.
e)   Can’t be determined
10).The radius of a circular garden is 13 m. there is a path 2 m. wide outside it Find the area of the path outside-
a)   707m2
b)   531 m2
c)   100 m2
d)   176 m2
e)   I 50m2

1).d)  2).d)  3).e)  4).d)  5).a)  6).c)  7).c)  8).e)  9).c) 10).d)

Directions (Q. 1-5):

6).Let CP= x, SP=y, so [(y – x)/x] x100 = 50 ,or y = 3x/ 2
(3x/2) – 80 = x
 = x=160
Answer: c)
7).Distance travelled= Perimeter
Answer: c)
8). consonant + 4 vowel = 5! x 4!
Answer: e)
Answer: c)
10).  R1 = 13m. (inner circle),
R=13 + 2 =15m. (Outer click)
Aread path = π (r2)2
Where r2 = R – r1 = (15 – 13)
Or π (15 – 13)2 = π (15+13) (15-13)

Answer: d)


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