IBPS HR Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz

    IBPS HR Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz
    IBPS HR Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz Set-12:
    Dear Readers, Important Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO IT Officer Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

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    1).Key to successful management of HR practices is the ability of manager to
    a)   Travel abroad
    b)   Have good contract
    c)   Have appropriate training systems
    d)   Have the ability to identify key potential of all the individuals and make maximum utilization of that
    e)   None of the above

    2).Which of the following is the traditional term used for HRP and has been associated with Personnel management?
    a)   Placement
    b)   Staffing
    c)   Recruiting
    d)   Employee planning
    e)   Manpower planning

    3).Human Resource Planning not only fulfills the demand for labour but also involves?
    a)   The cost incurred in employing given number of people
    b)   The cost incurred in directing line managers
    c)   The cost incurred in developing line managers
    d)   All of the above
    e)   None of the above

    4).In this cut throat competition, many organizations are undergoing the process of retrenchment in order to minimize the cost. Who of the following play an important role in preserving the reputation of the employer?
    a)   Senior Management Personnel
    b)   Media Personnel
    c)   HR Specialists
    d)   Close relatives of the owners
    e)   None of the above

    5).Why is it important to ensure that HR plans are flexible?
    a)   To adapt the fast changing environment in which most organizations operate
    b)   To accommodate the changes arising because of high attrition rate
    c)   To ensure the availability of labour force at all times
    d)   To adapt the changing skills and qualifications of all the professions
    e)   None of the above

    6).It is important to have two managers responsible for leading a disciplinary investigation because
    a)   It provides support for each other when dealing with stressful situations
    b)   It ensures impartially and unbiased approach
    c)   It is a mandatory requirement by tribunals
    d)   It provides an alternative in the absence of one
    e)   None of these

    7).In which of the following aspect of HR, it is very important for HR Department to depict it fairness and non-discrimination?
    a)   Recruitment and selection
    b)   Grievance and discipline
    c)   Reward management
    d)   All of the above
    e)   None of the above

    8).In the ‘Global Village’ kind of scenario, HR is facing lots of challenges due to
    a)   Diversified cultures and backgrounds of the employees
    b)   Too many people working together
    c)   Large size of the organisation
    d)   Too many work stations
    e)   None of the above

    9).Hofstede’s five variables: power distance; individualism masculinity/feminity, uncertainty avoidance and long-term versus short-term orientation, were terms used to describe
    a)   Leadership traits
    b)   Individual traits
    c)   National differences
    d)   Family traits
    e)   HR strategies

    10).Cultural shock which is often the outcome of the negative experience of moving from a familiar culture to that of unfamiliar is important to understand in the context of globalization because
    a)   It can affect the international economy
    b)   It can affect the bureaucrats of the country
    c)   It can impact on individuals taking overseas assignments
    d)   It can affect the tourism industry
    e)   None of the above

    1). d) 2). e) 3). a) 4). b) 5). a) 6). b) 7). d) 8). a) 9). e) 10). c)

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