IBPS HR Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz

    IBPS HR Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz Set-10
    IBPS HR Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz Set-10:
    Dear Readers, Important Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO IT Officer Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1).The occupier has to submit the document on or before ________ of every year for renewal of a license for a factory?
    a)   31st October
    b)   31st September
    c)   29th October
    d)   31st may
    e)   21st November

    2).The renewal application for a license submitted after 31st December of every year shall paid the fine amount.
    a)   10% of the license fee
    b)   20% of the license fee
    c)   30% of the license
    d)   All of these
    e)   None of these

    3).The Section-20 of the Factories Act discusses about
    a)   Drinking water
    b)   lighting
    c)   spittoons
    d)   latrines and urinals
    e)   None of these

    4).The employment of young person on dangerous machines shall be prohibited the section________ of Factories Act, 1947.
    a)   21
    b)   22
    c)   20
    d)   24
    e)   23

    5).A suitable goggles shall be provided for the protection of persons employed in any factory is discussed in the Section
    a)   36
    b)   39
    c)   40
    d)   35
    e)   45

    6).A half-yearly return for every half every calendar year, in duplicate in Form No_______  so as to reach the inspector of factories on or before_______ of the year.
    a)   20,31st July
    b)   21, 31st July
    c)   25,31st July
    d)   24, 31st June
    e)   23, 31st July

    7).An accident report, shall be confirmed by the manager by sending a separate report in _________ with details of number of person killed or injured to inspector of factories within ________ of the accident.
    a)   Form No 18,12 hours
    b)   Form No 18(1), 12 hours
    c)   Form No 18, 24 hours
    d)   Form No 18A, 24 hours
    e)   Form No 14, 12 hours

    8).The particulars of the accident should be entered in separate register and kept as-Accident Book-Form No ______ for ESI office.
    a)   14
    b)   15
    c)   21
    d)   20
    e)   23

    9).Section _______ of the Factories Act describes about the rights of the workers.
    a)   111
    b)   111(A)
    c)   110
    d)   112
    e)   114

    10).The occupier shall be punished with imprisonment extended to ______ or fine______ or both for using false certificate of fitness.
    a)   Two months, Rs 1000
    b)   One year, Rs 2000
    c)   Six Months, Rs 1000
    d)   One month, Rs 5000
    e)   All of these

    1). a)   2). b)   3). c)   4). e)   5). d)   6). b)   7). a)   8). b)   9). b)   10). a)

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