IBPS HR Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz

    IBPS HR Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz Set-4
    IBPS HR Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz Set-4:
    Dear Readers, Important Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO IT Officer Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1).The reliability of any test is assured when a person
    a)   Scores differently than others taking the same test
    b)   Scores the same at two or more different points in time
    c)   Scores differently at two or more different points in time
    d)   All of the above
    e)   None of above

    2).In every company meeting, agenda is to be submitted. What does it mean by agenda?
    a)   Statement of business to be transacted in the meeting
    b)   Statement of business not to be transacted in the meeting
    c)   Is a statement of business
    d)   Is a statement of problem to be forwarded to manager
    e)   None of the above

    3).The primary goal of human resource management is to
    a)   Facilitate organizational performance
    b)   Influence internal constituencies
    c)   Eliminate non-automated operative positions
    d)   All of the above
    e)   None of the above

    4).Method for forecasting human resource needs can be classified as either
    a)   Based on judgement or contingency
    b)   Based on situation or mathematics
    c)   Based on judgement or mathematics
    d)   All of the above
    e)   None of the above

    5).Personality test aims at
    a)   Measuring the basic make up of the individual
    b)   Measuring the candidate’s knowledge and skill
    c)   Measuring the candidate’s intelligence
    d)   Measuring the kind of aesthetic sense the candidate possesses
    e)   All of above

    6).HRD system or processes may include the following process mechanism or sub-systems.
    a)   Career planning, manpower planning and collective bargaining
    b)   Performance appraisal, motivation and grievance handing
    c)   Performance appraisal, career planning, organization development.
    d)   Training and development, communication and quality of work life
    e)   None of the above

    7).Common use of information generated via performance appraisal include all of the following except
    a)   Administrative/personal decisions
    b)   Organizational training  and development programme
    c)   Input to job content evaluation
    d)   Feedback to individuals performance
    e)   All of the above

    8).Successful career planning and development requires action from
    a)   The organization, the employees immediate manager and the employee himself
    b)   The employee and his/her immediate manager
    c)   A variety of source both internal and external to the organisation
    d)   The employee with some assistance/guidance from his or her immediate manager
    e)   None of the above

    9).A frequently used method for determining training needs involves
    a)   Observation analysis conducted by training experts
    b)   Group discussions with employee groups
    c)   Individual skill assessment by supervisors
    d)   All of the above
    e)   None of the above

    10).The ultimate goal of organizational development is to
    a)   Structure the organizational environment so that managers and employers can use their developed skills and abilities to the fullest
    b)   Reduce the level of uncertainty in managerial decision-making throughout the organisation
    c)   Create an internal environment which is conducive to self expression
    d)   Change the traditional relationship between the supervisors and sub-ordinates
    e)   All of the above

    1). b) 2). d) 3). a) 4). e) 5). a) 6). c) 7). c) 8). a) 9). c) 10). a)

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