IBPS HR Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz

    IBPS HR Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz Set-2
    IBPS HR Officer- Professional Knowledge Quiz Set-3:
    Dear Readers, Important Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO IT Officer Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    Directions (Q. 1-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

    1). Which of the following is not a limitation of job expansion?
    a)    Higher capital costs
    b)    Individual differences
    c)    Lower wage rates
    d)    Smaller labour pool
    e)    None of these

    2). A pay system that rewards employees for developing knowledge or skill is a __________.
    a)    Time motion system
    b)    Measured hours work system
    c)    Knowledge based system
    d)    Profit sharing system
    e)    None of the above

    3). The difference between job enrichment and job enlargement is that _____
    a)    Enlarged jobs include some of the planning and control systems whereas enrichment means getting more money for the same job
    b)    Enlarged jobs contain a large number of similar tasks, while enriched jobs include some of the planning and control in the hands of ob holder
    c)    Enriched jobs include performance number of boring jobs as well as along with the one he is performing
    d)    All of the above
    e)    None of the above

    4). Job enrichment
    a)    Includes job enlargement
    b)    Includes salary hike
    c)    Is a concept promoted by McClelland and McGregor
    d)    Includes some of planning and control necessary job accomplishment
    e)    None of the above

    5). Orientation in an organization is done as to _______.
    a)    Train a new joinee
    b)    Select an employee for a particular job
    c)    Socialize the new employee
    d)    All of the above
    e)    None of these

    6). “Establish rapport and get ready to show your best” is the myntra of _______.
    a)    Recruitment procedure
    b)    Interview procedure
    c)    Orientation procedure
    d)    All of these
    e)    None of these

    7). An interviewer must be skilled enough in asking which of the following category of questions to know about the opinions the interviewee on a particular issue?
    a)    Questions that can be answered in yes or no
    b)    Open ended questions
    c)    Neither open ended nor close ended
    d)    Either open ended or close ended
    e)    None of these

    8). Manpower planning involves all of the following expect _______.
    a)    Organizing and training the staff
    b)    Estimating future personnel requirements
    c)    Monitoring the quality of the product
    d)    Preparing and maintain personnel records
    e)    None of the above

    9). Which of the following cannot be delegated by the manager in a organization to his subordinate?
    a)    Authority
    b)    Workload
    c)    Assignments
    d)    Attendance at meetings to represent the department
    e)    None of the above

    10). The origin of Personnel Management was an outcome of _________.
    a)    Welfare workers
    b)    Legislation relating to factory reform
    c)    The government notification
    d)    The work of nineteenth century social reformers and employers
    e)    None of these


    1). c) 2). c) 3). b) 4). d) 5). c) 6). b) 7). b) 8). c) 9). d) 10). a)

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